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IsoEx Documentation

The IsoEx package provides some simple classes and algorithm for isosurface extraction. Its main purpose is to provide a sample implementation of the Extended Marching Cubes algorithm:

Kobbelt, Botsch, Schwanecke, Seidel, Feature Sensitive Surface Extraction from Volume Data, Siggraph 2001.

This code should compile using any standard compliant C++ compiler, it has been tested on GNU gcc 4.x. In order to use this code you will need these two additional packages:

You have to place OpenMesh and IsoEx in the same directory for the includes to work.

There is an example application located in IsoEx/Apps/emc.

Sep 2002
Mario Botsch, botsc.nosp@m.h@cs.nosp@m..rwth.nosp@m.-aac.nosp@m.hen.d.nosp@m.e

Current Maintainer: Jan Möbius,

2015-07-08 - Several updates have been included to switch between double and fload precision