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Seminar and Practical Project Seminar (Praktikum) Registration
Summerterm 2018

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  • You can NOT register for Proseminars or Software-Projektpraktika of the Bachelor on this site. (Go to this page to register for a Proseminar or a Software-Projektpraktikum.)
  • Bachelor students may only register for a seminar if they have successfully passed the Proseminar.
  • In each semester the system will be reset, so accounts from previous semesters have been deleted.

  • NEW regulations for Master Informatik: Only ONE seminar is mandatory. The second one is optional.

A list of all seminars / practical project seminars is available here.

Registration period: 19.01.2018 - 02.02.2018. Results will be announced on 21.02.2018.

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