Developer Documentation
Command line options and config files

Command line options

Load/Save Options:
-p : Open files as PolyMeshes
Gui Options:
-f : Start Fullscreen
-l : Start with hidden logger
-t : Start with hidden Toolbox
–no-splash : Disable splash screen
–disable-stereo : Disable Stereo Mode
OpenGL Options:
-profile < compat | core > : request Compatibility or Core context ( Default = Core )
-glVersion <> : request specified OpenGL version (Default = 3.2)
-samples <int> : request MSAA with given number of samples (Default = 16)
-glStereo <true | false> : request creation of stereo buffers

The OpenGL command line parameters override stored settings temporarily. To permanently store an OpenGL setting, use the options dialog.

Log options:
–log-to-console ( -c ) : Write logger window contents to console

On Window Systems, using the –log-to-console option causes the creation of a console if OpenFlipper was started without one. Otherwise the parent Console will be used for outputs.

Other options:
-b : Batch mode, you have to provide a script for execution and the system will start without gui
–remote-control : Batch mode accepting remote connections

Config Files

OpenFlipper uses a set of config files which are loaded at runtime and define basic settings. Most of these settings can be made through the options dialog. The settings are loaded from the following files in the given order while the later files overwrites previous settings:

  • OpenFlipper.ini from the application directory
  • OpenFlipper.ini from the $HOME/.OpenFlipper