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OpenMesh Documentation

Welcome to the OpenMesh documentation. OpenMesh is a generic and efficient library that offers data structures for representing and manipulating polygonal meshes. It is a powerful tool for handling polygonal meshes. Due to its inherent generative structure it allows the user to create mesh types which are custom tailored to the specific needs of the application. The user can either supply his own data structures for representing vertices, edges and faces or he can conveniently use the predefined structures of OpenMesh. Additionally OpenMesh offers dynamic properties allowing the user to attach and detach data to the mesh during runtime.

Here you can find information on how to build projects using the OpenMesh library as well as further information on mesh handling in OpenMesh. The tutorials explain how to use OpenMesh by demonstrating real code examples.

Building OpenMesh

In this section all necessary information on how to build projects using OpenMesh is given.

Using and understanding OpenMesh

We provide a short overview over the functionality of the OpenMesh library and some additional concepts in Tutorials (code examples). Additionally, we explain the most important topics of OpenMesh in the following sections:

The OpenMeshTools library that contains some useful tools for i.e. mesh processing:

Tutorials (code examples)

This section is supposed to introduce the basic concepts of OpenMesh.

OpenMesh Python interface

OpenMesh itself is written in C++. We also provide a python interface to use OpenMesh. A detailed description of the interface can be found in the following tutorial:

Additional Information on OpenMesh