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Keyboard shortcuts

Core keyboard shortcuts

OpenFlipper provides the user with some default keyboard shortcuts for some of the core functions, which are listed below.

Effect Linux shortcut keys Mac shortcut keys Windows shortcut keys
Create Snapshot Print Print Print
Switch to last action mode ( Move, Picking, Light or Info Mode) Esc Esc Esc
Toggle between multiview and single view Spacebar Spacebar Spacebar
Save Object Ctrl + S Ctrl + S Ctrl + S
Open Object Ctrl + O Ctrl + O Ctrl + O
Show/Hide Logger Ctrl + L Ctrl + L Ctrl + L
Show/Hide Toolbox Ctrl + T Ctrl + T Ctrl + T
Toggle Fullscreen Ctrl + F Ctrl + F Ctrl + F
Show/Hide StatusBar Ctrl + B Ctrl + B Ctrl + B
Use Navigation mode while key is pressed Win/Meta Alt Alt
Apply context menu action to all Viewers Shift Shift Shift
First Person view strafe left A A A
First Person view strafe right D D D
First Person view move forward W W W
First Person view move backward S S S