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Mesh Property Handles


struct  ACG::SceneGraph::OpenMesh::VPropHandleT< T >
struct  ACG::SceneGraph::OpenMesh::HPropHandleT< T >
struct  ACG::SceneGraph::OpenMesh::EPropHandleT< T >
struct  ACG::SceneGraph::OpenMesh::FPropHandleT< T >
struct  ACG::SceneGraph::OpenMesh::MPropHandleT< T >

Detailed Description

All custom properties are represented by the property handles. The handle mechanism allows to add arbitrary data to the mesh items. It stores the value type (by construction) and a 'reference' to the property. Use the mesh object to access the property values.

See also
OpenMesh::PropertyT, OpenMesh::BaseKernel, OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT, Using (custom) properties, Using STL algorithms, Storing custom properties