9.0 (2022/01/18) Breaking Changes
  • Dropped 32-bit Windows continuous integration and artifact builds (This does not mean that OpenMesh will not build and work on 32-bit, but we don't explicitly test and guarantee it anymore).
  • Changed CCW begin/end/range to start on last element of CW counterpart. May break your code if you depend on CCW begin to start at a specific element.
  • The binary struct that needs to be implemented in order to store properties of user defined types now requires a method type_identifier() which returns an std::string that uniquely identifies the type.
  • Dropped support for VS2015. OpenMesh might still work on VS2015 but we don't test it anymore.
  • Add filtered range that stores reference instead of copy if the filter is not an rvalue reference
  • Add halfedge loop range corresponding to hl_iter()
  • Smart handles now give read access to status fields (feature(), selected(), deleted(), tagged(), tagged2(), hidden(), locked()
  • Add predicates that can be used as smart range filters. There are default predicates to test the status fields and whether an elements is boundary. Predicates can be composed via operators ||, && and !
  • Add make_predicate to create a predicate from anything containing a bool operator(T), e.g. a PropertyManager, a lambda, or a function pointer.
  • Added CW and CCW ranges.
  • Vertex incoming/outgoing halfedge circulators can be started for a given halfedge.
  • STL Reader: Change stl reader behaviour on extension .stl , Don't check for the solid keyword explicitly
  • OM Writer: Removed debug output
  • OM Writer/Reader: Added support for (re)storing properties of type vector
  • OM Reader: Properties can now be restored from files without the need to create the properties beforehand. Custom types need to be registered for this to work using the OM_REGISTER_PROPERTY_TYPE macro.
  • PLY writer: Added option to choose if we want to write texture coordinates as uv or st (Thanks to Ossi Saukko from Centria Research and Development for the patch)
  • OBJ Reader: Fix material reader, when starting with spaces
  • Subdivider: Fixed crash in ModifiedButterfly subdivider (When vertex with valence > 30 was present)
Build System
  • Set cmake project info correctly
  • Dropped 32-bit Windows continuous integration and artifact builds.
  • Removed the VERSION file and do it via cmakes project call)
  • Switched to external cmake-library used by all of our projects now
  • Removed custom Eigen3 finder. Eigen3 has full cmake support. (You can point OpenMesh to eigen via -DEigen3_DIR="c:\" )
  • Added support for and fixed some issues with VS2019
  • Support QT 6 for aplication examples
8.1 (2020/04/23) Breaking Changes
  • PropertyManager: PropertyManager only gives const access to the underlying mesh.
  • Property System: Get rid of the OM_FORCE_STATIC_CAST defines. We use the type ids to check if the cast is valid or not. This will add more type safety.
  • Default Traits: Added DefaultTraitsDouble as a version of the default traits that uses double precision for positions and normals as well as float for colors.
  • Default Mesh Types: Added typdefs for a Triangle Mesh and a PolyMesh which use DefaultTraitsDouble and can be used as default mesh type be the user.
  • Template Programming Convenience: Added n_elements which returns the number of elements corresponding to the handle type given as template argument. Also added elements and all_elements methods returning ranges of the elements corresponding to the handle type given as template argument. See the Smart Handles Section under Tutorials in the Documentation.
  • Smart Handles: Most userfacing functions returning handles should now return smart handles instead. Smart handles know their corresponding mesh and give convenient access to mesh navigation methods.
  • Smart Ranges: OpenMesh ranges now provide a few methods that simplify a few calculations. See documentation for more details.
  • Subdivider: Fixed crash in Loop subdivider
  • Subdivider: Fixed crash in ModifiedButterfly subdivider
  • Decimater: Fixed ModNormalDeviationT not working for meshes with Eigen Vectors as vector type
  • Change PropertyManager::operator* to access the property value for mesh properties
  • PropertyManager: add hasProperty function
  • PropertyManager rework: The behavior of the PropertyManager has been changed, hopefully making it more usable. See tutoial.
  • PLY Reader: Fix reading doubles from PLY, missing cast (Thanks to Leo Walsh for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Some cleanup (Thanks to Morgan Leborgne for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Support for ushort (Thanks to Morgan Leborgne for the patch)
  • OM Reader: Positions with scalar type double will be stored as doubles.
Build System
  • Generate OpenMeshConfig.cmake (Thanks to Thibault Payet for the patch)
  • Support building on FreeBSD (Thanks to Thibault Payet for the patch)
  • Fixed Qt App Problems with cmake >= 3.17
8.0 (2019/02/21) Breaking changes:
  • Don't run and test on VS2013 anymore. As VS2013 still lacks some C++11 features, we remove it from our list of supported platforms
  • (Only internally breaking change:)Get rid of the naming for template implementations. New names end with T_impl.hh. This avoids all the missing files in the IDE GUIs due to the filtered files. Also the install targets could be simplified due to this change. For OpenMesh users, this change should be transparent.
  • TriConnectivity: Added two functions split_edge and split_edge_copy to mask the PolyConnectivity functions of the same name (Prevents creation of valence 2 vertices on trimeshes)
  • PolyConnectivity: Fixed PolyConnectivity is_collapse_ok, missing some configurations (Thanks to Simon Flöry for the patch)
  • Connectivity type is now set at compile time
  • Added header to interface with Eigen3 vectors as the basic type (Documentation on how to use it is also integrated)
  • PLY Reader: Allowing the PLY reader to read custom face ( Thanks to morgan Leborgne for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Fixed endless loop on unknown property list type
  • PLY Reader: Fix hang when reading directly from istream (Thanks to Paul Loré for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Fix file load for ASCII PLY without a newline at the end of the file (Thanks to Mathieu Lamarre for the patch )
  • PLY Reader/Writer: Support for face colors (Thanks to Steve and Barb Demlow for the patch)
  • OM Writer/Reader: Update file format version to 2.0. Older files can still be read, but older OpenMesh versions cannot read new format.
  • OM Writer/Reader: Fixed inconsistent writing/reading of edge properties
  • OM Writer/Reader: Add option to store status
  • OBJ Writer: Use Fixed as stream option in OBJ writer to avoid problems with other programs reading scientific notation
  • SmartTagger: Added the SmartTagger class to tag primitives (O(1) reset )
  • Fixed several warnings with gcc 8
  • Removed the glut dependency
Build System
  • Rename the DEPRECATED macro into OM_DEPRECATED to prevent a macro clash with Intel MKL (Thanks to Morgan Leborgne for the patch)
7.1 (2018/05/29) IO
  • OBJ Reader: Fixed slow OBJ reader (Thanks to Etienne Danvoye for the patch)
  • Updated build instructions.
Build System
  • Default to C++11 in cmake files
  • Remove old qmake project files. Unmaintained for a very long time
  • Replaced Qt finders
  • Added VS 2017 to CI builds
7.0 (2018/04/19) Breaking changes
  • The minimal standard for C++ has been raised to C++11. Compilers not supporting C++11 or higher are no longer supported
  • Removed the python bindings from this project. They have migrated to a seperate project.
  • Implemented a cast from polyMesh to Mesh and vice versa using static_cast(polymeshInstance) or static_cast(trimeshInstance)
  • make all negative handles invalid, not just -1
  • Several warnings fixed (Including the checked iterators)
  • split_copy and split_edge_copy operations now also copy internal properties.
  • copy face properties in split_copy(EdgeHandle, VertexHandle)
  • fix halfedge indices in OpenMeshTrimeshCirculatorHalfedgeLoop CWAndCCWCheck
  • Fix wrong behaviour of HalfedgeLoopIterators by changing the template parameter
  • Added 1-4 triangle split funtion(splits all edges at Midpoints)
  • Boost range support (Thanks to Bastian Pranzas for the patch)
  • Made the face and edge split operations that copy properties also copy builtin properties
  • calc_sector_angle: Check for real division by zero not with epsilon that was way to large
  • Don't return invalid iterators for empty element ranges
  • Mark halfedges as deleted after collapse
  • Let default range-based for skip deleted elements and add a version that includes deleted elements
  • Moved length() by norm() to external functions. This allows us to support other vector types instead of Vec3d (e.g. via Eigen)
  • enable c++11 features of many classes for Visual Studio 2013
  • Fixed broken version macros (Thanks to Frederik Salomonsson for the fix)
  • Fixed Build on gcc-7.2 (Thanks to Gero Müller and Martial Tola for the patches)
  • Small compilation fix for MINGW64 cross-compilation(Thanks to Manuel Massing for the patch)
  • Subdivider: New Midpoint subdivision scheme
  • Subdivider: Use double as default type
  • QuadricT: implement Q+Q and Q*scalar operators for convenience.
  • Vector11T: Make converting ctor only accept 2 arguments
  • Only compute normals for faces that are not deleted
  • ImporterT: Modified the add_face function of importerT to always return a valid FaceHandle
  • ImporterT: Return a valid FaceHandle when adding non-manifold faces.
  • BaseExporter: Added accessor functions for HalfEdgeHandles and faceTexCoords to base exporter and exporter template.
  • OBJ Writer: Fail if vertex color export was requested (Thanks to Manuel Massing)
  • OBJ Writer: Added functionality to store FaceTexCoords to objwriter
  • OBJ Writer: Applied fix for bad or missing vertex tex coords (Thanks to Gero Müller for the patch)
  • OBJ Writer: Fix vertex texture coordinates export in OBJ writer
  • OBJ Loader: range check for vertex colors and normals in OBJ loader
  • OBJ Loader: fixed handling of negative indices in OBJ loader
  • OM Writer: Fixed OMWriter when no faces are available (Thanks to Jamie Kydd for the patch)
  • OM Writer: Added Mark to the format header to identify end of stream correctly (Thanks to Jamie Kydd for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Skip reading extra elements after face
  • PLY Reader: Return error when reaching EOF
  • OMFormat: Fix implicit fallthrough warning on gcc(Thanks to Manuel Massing for the patch)
  • Added unittest to write and read faceTexcoords with a test obj file
  • Added unittest for split_edge_copy operations on Tri and PolyMeshes
  • Updated Logo
  • Only Issue Warning if compile Order for MeshIO.hh is violated. Check will be removed if no errors are reported.
6.3 (2016/10/04) Core
  • Fixed type pun warning with gcc-6
  • Fixed incorrect type of hash function for boost causing a warning with clang
  • gcc 4.7 fix
  • STL Reader: Identify stl files containing solid keyword as ASCII type
  • Importer: Failed faces will be added on the fly now to correctly handle properties on them.
  • PropertyManager: Add C++11 range-based set_range() version.
  • PropertyManager: Add initializing createIfNotExists() versions.
  • Fixed undefined MSVC macro warning (Thanks to Xan for the patch)
  • Added link directories and log file to build system
  • Made member function pointer types explicit. This gets rid of a preprocessor conditional and prevents bug in msvc.
  • Added unittest to trigger gcc alignment bug
  • Updated documentation of BaseKernel's property functions to hint at PropertyManager.
Build System
  • Removed unnecessary include dir from Core Cmakelist (Thanks to Xan for the patch)
  • Added a little safeguard against GCC optimizer bug to CMakeLists.txt
6.2 (2016/07/11) General
  • Fixed build error with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 (Fixed VS2015 Update 3 build error)
Build System
  • Fixed mingw compilataion error
  • Added size_t hash_value functions to support boost unordered_set and map
6.1 (2016/05/31) General
  • New logo for OpenMesh and switched to VCI schema
  • Fix Internal Compiler Error in Visual Studio 2015 Community edition (Enterprise version does not trigger this error)
  • PolyMesh: Copy per-halfedge and per-face properties to new elments during triangulation (Thanks to Max Limper for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Handle nr newlines (Thanks to Christian Feurer for the patch)
  • PLY Reader: Fixed binary reader errors in ply reader. (Thanks to Michael Kremer for the patch)
  • Throw error when no readers are available (Thanks to Christian Feurer for the patch)
Build System
  • Some fixes for min gw (Thanks to Xan for the patch)
  • Several changes to support mingw on windows again. (Thanks to Christian Feurer for the patches).
  • Build drag and drop installer for Mac in Daily Builds
  • Move documentation of PropertyManager factory functions to PropertyManager Doxygen page
6.0 (2016/29/04) Core
  • Added a couple of methods to enable more efficient adding of batches of vertices (Without resizing property vectors)
  • Obj reader: added texCoord3d functions to objloader
  • PLY Reader: Don't emit warning for every complex face but warn only once in the end.
  • Importer: Integrate non-manifold faces while importing and not at the end. Fixes missing properties on non-manifolds. (Thanks to Max Limper for the patch, Merge Request 51)
  • Full C++11 rewrite of VectorT (Keeping C++98 backward compatibility)
  • Split VectorT implementation into two files (One c++98 and one c++11)
  • Added += operator to mesh iterators (C++11 only)
  • Added several unittests for VectorT
  • Added Benchmarks for VectorT
  • Added test for property iterators
Build System
  • Updated c++11 ifdefs to use c++11 (starting with VS1015)
Python Interface
  • Fixed segfault in decimater due to a bad pointer
  • Add factory functions for creating PropertyManagers without restating the mesh type in C++11
  • VDPM Analyzer: Fixed VS2015 internal compiler error with C++11
5.2 (2016/04/28) Core
  • Fixed ugly typo in __decrement function of Basehandle. Seems to be unused in the rest of the code.
  • drop VectorDimensionsT metaprogram in favor of vector_traits in normal computation function
  • PLY Reader: Fixed CR LF newline handling for binary file headers.
  • Obj writer: Fix OBJ material files and face color (Thanks to Sven-Kristofer Pilz for the patch)
  • Obj writer: Fix OBJ writer bug file extension removal (Thanks to Katharina Breininger for the patch)
  • Decimater: Added missing preprocess collapse call in size_t DecimaterT::decimate(size_t _n_collapses) (Thanks to Andrej Ivanis for the hint)
Build System
  • Fixed Typo in cmake install for smoother (Thanks to Takashi Michikawa for the fix).
  • Fixed order of smoother parameters in the documentation. (Thanks to Takashi Michikawa for the info).
5.1 (2015/17/12) Core
  • Added clean_keep_reservation() (remove all elements from the mesh but keeps the properties. In contrast to clean() the memory used for the elements will remain allocated
  • Reduced number of include statements to speedup compilation
  • Removed unused member variable next_cache_count_ member of PolyConnectivity and made it local
  • Fixed bug preventing from building with 2 dimensional vectors (e.g. vec2i)
  • Heap: Minor cleanup (some consts)
  • Added static versions of ArrayKernel::edge_handle and ...::halfedge_handle
  • Reduced number of includes
  • OMWriter: fix crash in OMWriter when writing an empty mesh with colors
  • Binary writers: Fixed double swap in string specialization. Added Unittest.
  • take VectorT argument by reference for non-member vector scalar multiplication
  • Added some basic linear algebra tests for VectorT
  • Added tests for vec2x construction
  • Add some more documentation about primitive deletion. Closes #14
Build System
  • Fixed missing debug dll for autobuilders
Python Interface
  • Exposed Decimater to python
5.0 (2015/11/18) General
  • Moved repository to git
  • Fixed bug where range iterators contained an invalid element when the range was empty
  • Reintroduced and polished the StatusSet API (Thanks to Martin Marinov)
  • More efficient implementation of opposite_halfedge_handle (Less instructions required)
  • PolyMeshes: More robust algorithm for computing surface normals (Fixes bad normals on concave polygons)
  • Modernized VectorT constructors for C++11 (Less redundancy, make some of the VectorT constructors constexpr)
  • C++11: Added _htmlColor literal operator.
  • C++11: Added explicit static_cast along with static SFINAE checks to VectorT constructor.
  • loaded properties are presistant per default
  • remove unnecessary c headers
  • PLY Writer: fix crash when saving a mesh and a custom property was removed before, extend unittest for this case
  • PLY Writer: add custom property (with pod data type) support for binary ply files closes #2496
  • remove redundant code refs #2525
  • Off Writer: Removed redundant code
  • Made STLReader, OBJReader reuse stringstreams to improve performance
  • add obj writer unittest
  • add unittest for write stla
  • Fixed bug where Some C++11 unittests were not build and used
  • Added more unittests c++11 ranges vvrange and vertexrange
4.1 (2015/07/27,Rev.1318) Core
  • Fixed bug in polymesh normal computation. Added more unittests for normal computation.
  • Get rid of some windows preprocessor warnings
  • Options: Fixed bad enum
Build System
  • Removed fixbundle calls if not building apps.
4.0 (2015/07/08,Rev.1308) LICENSE
  • OpenMesh has been relicensed to BSD-3
  • Fixed crash when writing with multiple threads to mostream. closes #2293 (Note: This fix is only active with C++11 support)
  • fix "relink failed" condition closes #1244. This patch fixes a rare condition in add_face, where a non-manifold configuration could be created.
  • Added CW and CCW Circulators ( These new iterator versions also fix the problems that circulators could get valid again, if iterating past the end, they are also faster, as the require one check less then the old ones.)
  • Implement a warning on the operator-- of the old iterators. It was possible to use them to iterate from begin into negative direction. At boundaries, that did not work correctly and visited one entity twice. The warning can be disabled via cmake or define (-DNO_DECREMENT_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS ).
  • Fixed wrong normal calculation in calc_face_normal for Poly Meshes. closes #2427
  • Fixed various warnings with vector casts
  • General: Get rid of some compiler warnings
  • VectorT: fix compile error on vector scalar multiplication when scalar type differs of vector scalar type and the scalar was lhs. closes #2367
  • Removed dead and uncompilable code regarding the status set. refs #2511
  • Readers/Writers: extend "can_read/can_write" function. returns true, if no explicit filename is given, but just the extension. closes #2431
  • Writers: Avoid std::endl in various writers to avoid flushing the output stream on every line. (Thanks to Roman Zoller for the hint).
  • OBJReader: fix reading mtl files with texture only for obj files
  • OBJReader: fix crash, if obj file contains degenerated faces
  • OBJReader: improve performance for small vectors/faces
  • OBJReader: load vertex color values as float in range of [0..1] instead of integers [0..255]
  • PLY Reader: Ascii reader now supports custom attributes
  • PLY Writer: add custom property support for ascii version
  • PLY Reader: unify int8_t/signed char/char in ply reader and writer.
  • PLY Reader/Writer Binary: change type int8_t to signed char from type char closes #2499
  • STL Writer: Add a space after the solid keyword to make some readers happy.
  • Fixing PropertyManager so that it cooperates with bool properties even on unforgiving implementations (such as clang).
  • Don't use auto_ptr when compiler supports C++11. Replaced by unique_ptr.
  • Fix for Smoother set_relative error (Thanks to Leonardo Cecchinato for the fix)
  • Improved SmootherT.hh Documentation
  • Fixed old OM3 port warning in smoother
  • Decimater: ModProgMesh - Fixed write on 64-bit systems
  • Fixed various build warnings
  • Moved several iostream includes to cc files or removed them where not necessary (or switched to omlog and omerr)
  • Example for locking vertices in decimater
  • Added extra hint about status flags when collapsing edges
  • Updated tutorial on reading and writing meshes with python bindings
  • Updated the tutorial with further information on how to build the python bindings
  • Added missing requestsfor polyMesh in collapsee docu
  • Add feature support list for readers/writers
  • add info about requesting standard properties and loading a mesh with options - refs #2512
  • add info about texture information in OBJ file format - closes #2369
  • add info about texture index property refs #2512
  • fixed a bug in the unit test
  • Added tests for tutorials about flip and collapse
  • Added basic smoother compile test
  • Added unit test for bool PropertyManager::set_range.
  • Added write unittest for binary stl files
  • Added c++11 test file
  • Use the acg macro to add the unittests to make sure flags are passed through (e.g. to enable c++11)
Build System
  • Python Bindings: strip pythonlibs version string of possible other characters than 0-9 and . (e.g. '+')
  • Python Bindings: don't require boost-python
  • Python Bindings: updated the cmake file so that cmake finds boost python installations with the names python2 and python3
  • Python Bindings: fixed a cmake warning on os x (Policy CMP0042: MACOSX_RPATH)
  • fix windows warning about unknown preprocessor define
  • Default to release build type if not selected via cmake. Only on non Win platforms
  • No copy after build required for doc, as its copied by doxygen anyway
  • Got rid of the old ACGMakefiles, as they were not maintained anymore
3.3 (2015/01/16,Rev.1204) Core
  • change name of the types "True" and "False" to "TrueType" and "FalseType" to clarify, that these are types and avoid conflicts
  • Fixed two missing this pointers
  • Removed several unused variables
  • PolyConnectivity: Fixed constness of EntityRange begin() and end() methods.
  • VectorT: add specializations for 5/6 dimension vectors
  • VectorT: added const getter for data_vector()
  • VectorT: Modified Vector constructors! The constructors now check the size of the vector at compile time not run time. This might produce compiler errors but ensures that the vectors are initialized correctly.
Python Interface
  • Added a Python interface for OpenMesh. Implemented via boost python
  • PropertyManager: Added copy_to method.
  • PropertyManager: Added static copy(...) convenience method.
  • OBJ writer: remove excluding condition for face color (Thanks to Javier Granado for the hint). closes #2247
  • PLY Reader: add custom property support for PLY reader ASCII version
  • VDPM: fix comparison with invalid iterator closes #2263
  • Decimater: ModProgMeshT fix 32/64-bit bug on windows (analyzer and synthesizer reads with unsigned int -> 32bit, writer writes size_t -> possible 64-bit)
  • Decimater: Added an observer class which can trigger a callback to monitor and abort the decimater process from outside.
  • New acg logo for OpenMesh
  • Fixed compilation documentation to include Qt5 and latest compilers
  • Added smootherdocu. closes #2185
  • Added documentation about direction of the circulators
  • Fixed Typo in Mesh Kernel Concept Documentation (return value)
  • add unittest for vdpm (read and write/read) closes #2263
Build system
  • Apple/Unix: Don't install into libs/OpenMesh subdir but directly into libs. closes #2257
  • Apple/Unix: Install to lib64 on 64-bit. closes #2257
  • fix wrong name for static lib on unix based os with multi generator compilers
  • fix permissions for static lib (they have the same as all other libs now)
  • fix cmake (>=3.0) warning on MacOS idue to missing rpath. closes #2251
  • Fixed Typo in gtest finder (Thanks to Roman Zoller for the patch)
3.2 (2014/07/18,Rev.1107) Core
  • Fixed copy paste typos in the vertex face and face face range code
  • Silence the readers/writers (Some of them always wrote output to command line).
  • PropertyManager: Added PropertyManager::move to C++11 .
  • Added CatmullClark without point updates support.
  • Uniform, Longest Edge: fixed template deduction error with float precision meshes
  • Updated doxyfile to 1.8.7
  • Added some documentation to get the to and from vertices to the mesh navigation page
  • Added boundary navigation info to mesh navigation page
Build system
  • Qt5 support for example apps
  • Improved OpenMesh cmake gtest finder for Xcode 5.1.1 with gtest 1.7
  • Don't copy qt4 anymore, if build_apps is disabled, but the qmake variable still defined
  • Add dependencies and fixbundle for apps only if we build apps
  • Added unittest for textured meshes
  • Read/Write OBJ: Fixed unsigned signed comparison
3.1 (2014/05/09,Rev.1050) Core
  • Fix for c++11 call to pointer to member function of type 'VertexIter ()' drops 'const' qualifier (Thanks to Ronald Richter and Kenshi Takayama for the fix)
  • PolyConnectivity: Added range based circulators courtesy of Kenshi Takayama. (Thanks!)
  • Rearranged the code a bit in order to have all range based stuff in one place.
  • Fixed calc_normals_... functions (Missing this pointer) Thanks to Martin Schmidt for the report
  • Fixed Destructor of ModNormaldeviation: Requested normals on destruction
  • Decimater doesn't need normals anymore, if no module requires normals
  • PropertyManager: Added set_range method
  • PropertyManager: Added duplicate method
  • Added missing include of Property.hh to uniform loop subdivider. (Thanks to Jonathan Balzer for the hint)
  • OBJ Writer: Fixed material writer using wrong stream (Thanks to Vladimir Chalupecky for the fix). closes 2037
  • VTK Writer: Added simple VTK writer writing only vertices and faces (Thanks to Vladimir Chalupecky for the code). closes 2039
  • PLY Reader: Fix locking up when loading some binary files ( Thanks to Peter Newman for the patch). closes 2141
  • Added unittests for the normal calculation functions
Build system
  • Added OpenMesh finder. Closes 959
3.0 (2014/02/05,Rev.990) Core
  • Rewrote all circulators (STL compliant, removed redundant code)
  • Added stream operator for FVIter.
  • Added mesh cast for meshes with different but identical traits.
  • Fixed segfault of copy_all_properties if one property has been removed before. (Thanks to Simon Flöry for the patch)
  • Added more convenient versions of calc_edge_vector to PolyMeshT.
  • Added HalfedgeLoop iterator to iterate over loops of halfedges (faces, hoes)
  • OpenMesh: Added convenience method for face centroid computation.
  • close stl files with endsolid
  • fix om writer writing colors
  • Fixed regression and Problem in OM writer
  • Fixed bug in OM Writer when bool property is written which contains 0x20. (Thanks to Simon Flöry for the patch)
  • The OpenMesh STLReader now also reads face normals if requested
  • PropertyManager: Added ability to get property name
  • PropertyManager: Added getMesh property to PropertyManager.
  • Improved C++11-branch of PropertyManager and at the same time fixed compile error with gcc 4.7
  • Put mesh_cast methods into surrounding namespace so clang finds them.
  • Build fix for getopt.h on Apple. (Thanks to Adam Vandenberg for the fix)
  • Adapt to new iterators
  • Updated the OpenMesh tutorials to be OM 3 compliant
  • Use short names in Doxygen to prevent windows build failure due to excessive name length
  • Updated doxygen files
  • Use different DOT_FONTNAME
  • Added hint that collapse needs status attrributes on the mesh
  • Raised Documentation to Doxyfile 1.8.5
  • Added more om reader/writer unittests
  • Mesh Dual test
  • Stripifier test
  • Split unittests into seperate compile units
  • Added mesh_cast unit test
  • STL normal reader unit tests
Build system
  • Build unittests with variadic max of 10 on VS 2012
  • enable deprecated warning for msvc
  • Added flag to activate largeaddressaware option on WIN
  • Removed obsolete ftemplate-depth, as the defaults should be fine
  • Removed outdated VS2008 project file
  • Use cmake generator targetnames for copying files
2.4 (2013/08/07,Rev.882) Significant interface changes
  • The functions n_vertices(),n_edges().n_faces() return size_t now.
  • reserve and resize of the property vectors now take size_t
  • Fixed various other size_t conversions
Vector Type
  • vector_type min(const vector_type& _rhs) and vector_type max(const vector_type& _rhs) are declared const now. (Thanks to Vladimir Chalupecky for the hint)
  • minimize and maximize return vector_type& (reference) instead of vector_type (value) to allow chaining p.minimize(p1).minimize(p2). (Thanks to Vladimir Chalupecky for the hint)
  • Allow PolyConnectivity::delete_edge to mark an edge as deleted, if there are no faces incident.
  • Don't use c headers in c++ files anymore
  • Try to get rid of memory leak in IOManager(Changes the pointer used for IOManager to a static IOManager in the getter function)
  • Fixed writing face indices in different configurations regarding vertex texture coordinates and vertex normals (Thanks to Robert Luo for the patch)
  • Fixed a bug with OBJReader that prevented the material color to be loaded correctlyi(Thanks to Karthik Nathan for the patch)
  • Made STL Reader work, with the clear = false flag and Redundant lookup removed. ( Thanks to Peter Newman for the patch)
  • Missing include, preventing build on VS2012 (Thanks to Mageri Filali Maltouf for the patch)
  • Fixed various warnings reported by cppcheck
  • read_mesh now throws a compile error if an Options::Flag enum is passed as an argument instead of an Options object
  • Make OpenMesh PLY writer work as expected (Thanks to Chin-chia Wu for the patch)
  • Added colori and colorAi functions to BaseExporter which return Vec3i and Vec4i respectively
  • Adjusted the PLYWriter to use colori and colorAi for writing ascii files
  • Added a ColorFloat flag to Options, which can be set to write and read RGBA values as float instead of unsigned char
  • PLY writer and reader can now also handle color floats
  • OFF support for floats. Note that for reading binary OFF files with color floats, the user has to set the flag, that floats are expected
  • PropertyManager: Added PropertyManager::propertyExists() method.
  • PropertyManager: Enabled initialization of invalid PropertyManager.
  • Added color_cast from Vec3f and Vec4f to Vec3i and Vec3ui
  • Added color_cast from Vec4f to Vec4i and Vec4ui
  • Make Hausdorff module thread safe. Removed static point vector. (Thanks to Falko Löffler for the fix)
  • Command Line Decimater: Added an explanation on how to use multiple modules to the commandlineDecimater help output
  • Command Line Decimater: The normal deviation module now also is a priority module in the commandlineDecimater tool
  • Gui Decimater: Added decimater related help output to DecimaterGui when 'h' is pressed as the application is running
  • Added unittest for skipping iterators
  • Added unittest for collapse and is_collapse_ok
  • Added unittests for delete_face
  • Added unittests for circulators
  • Added test for writing and reading vertex colors to and from an OFF file. The default color type Vec3uc from DefaultTraits in Traits.hh is used.
  • Added a ply file written with MeshLab and a corresponding unittest
  • Added a unittest that writes and reads a binary PLY file with vertex colors
  • Adjusted the documation for the decimation tutorial so that the priority module is correctly initialized
2.3.1 (2012/12/20,Rev.778) Core
  • Return vertex handles of newly added vertices in split and split_copy for faces when passing points instead of handles
  • Fixed copy and paste typo in split_copy for face handle
  • Replaced fabs by the std methods to fix errors when using norms with double vectors
  • Fixed missing cast in importer which lead to problems when using different vector type. (Thanks to Mario Deuss for the fix)
  • Fixed bug in OBJ reader, where some faces could be missing(Thanks to Ian Kerr for the Fix)
  • Fixed Decimater example
  • Improved Docs for is_boundary() functions
  • Added unittest for vertexOHalfedge Iterator
  • Added unittests for boundary vertices and faces
  • Added test for VectorT abs function
2.3 (2012/11/12,Rev.758) Core
  • New garbage collection function with possibility to update existing handles
  • Fixed crash in garbage collection, if certain status flags are not available (warns in debug mode!)
  • Fixed some gcc-4.7 incompatibilities
  • TriMesh::split now returns the handle of the new vertex
  • Fixed delete_face function, not mariking halfedges as deleted, if the edge gets deleted.(Thanks to Maxime Quiblier for the bug report)
  • Added range based for loops compatible ranges to PolyConnectivity.
  • Added a function to copy single properties between entities of same type. (Thanks to Duncan Paterson for the patch)
  • Added functions to copy all properties between entities. (Thanks to Duncan Paterson for the patch)
  • Added split copy operations, which copy properties of splitted elements to the newly created ones. ( Thanks to Duncan Paterson for the patch )
  • Added flag to the property copy functions, if the standard properties should be copied along with the user defined ones
  • Added function to remove all primitives from the mesh, but leaving properties attached (mesh.clean() )
  • Avoid double next_halfedge_handle call in collapse_ok
  • Fixed the usage of vector traits such that the traits are used and not the vector types value_type. (Thanks to Mario Deuss for the patch)
  • Fixed bug in halfedge normal computation, where a boundary halfedge was not correctly handled and caused a segfault.
  • Fixed missing this pointer in PolyMeshT.hh at calc_dihedral_angle
  • Changed template parameters of the modules from Decimater type to Mesh type
  • Added multiple choice decimater (~4 times faster than the heap one, but no guarantee on accuracy)
  • Added mixed decimater, switching between mc decimater and standard decimater
  • Decimater modules don't need a decimater type as template argument anymore
  • Module parameters renamed
  • Added Decimater base class
  • Added the set_error_tolerance_factor function to ModBaseT and implemented it in inherited classes as necessary
  • Removed redundant tests in is_collapse_legal that where already performed in is_collapse_ok
  • ModHausdorff: Removed unused parameter
  • Added set_error_tolerance_factor to the modules, which can be used to scale the tolerance by a factor, allowing multiple decimation stages with increasing error tollerance
  • Fixed typedef problems causing compiler errors
  • Removed a wrong assertion in the refine method for vector handles
  • Added precision option to openmesh writers
  • Fixed OBJ Reader not correctly setting per halfedge normals. (Thanks to Patrick Rauber for the report)
  • OM Reader: Reader used different types on 32/64-bit systems. (Thanks to Martin Bayer for the patch)
  • OM Reader: Also checks user options
  • STL Reader: Added the functionality to read meshes from istreams
  • STL Reader: Added the functionality to write meshes to ostreams
  • OBJ Reader: Follow of user requests (Warning! Old default behaviour was wrong, because the reader read everything, without checking for the user options!)
  • PLY Reader: Reader now checks the options set by the user and will skip components that are not requested
  • Core/Utils: Added PropertyManager class.
  • Core/Utils: Added a Random Number generator with larger resolution (Windows supports only ~32k which is extended by this generator
  • QtViewer App tries to load textures for PLY (and other formats) too, if possible
  • Added unittest for OBJ texture coordinates.
  • Added unittests for add_face.
  • Added unittest for getting handles and faces from the iterator.
  • Added unittest for creating a cube with 6 quads in a poly mesh.
  • Added unittest adding a cube with 12 faces triangulated to a trimesh.
  • Added unittest for MCDecimater
  • Added unittest for obj crash when colors are requested but not available
  • Added unittests (trimesh and polymesh) for split_copy
  • Added unittest for vector cross product
  • Added unittests for the adaptive composite subdivider
  • Added unittest for dihedral angle function
  • Added some more unittests for the PLY loader with different user options
  • Fixed gcc-4.7 warnings.
  • Added catmull clark subdivider. Thanks to Leon Kos for the code.
  • More documentation for the add_face functions (and some code cleanup)
  • Updated version
  • Updated documentation for garbage collection
  • Updated documentation for the vertex_split operation
  • Fixed typo on main page
Build system
  • Updated the Compiler flags construction to remove some unnecessary warnings with clang
  • Don't add the largeaddressaware flag when building with mingw
  • Readded missing DOXY_IGNORE_THIS definition to doxygen file
  • Output OpenMesh Build type in cmake header printout
  • Windows: Extended min max warning to allow undefs
  • Windows: Support DLL build of OpenMesh
2.2 (2012/06/14,Rev.587) Core
  • Simplified iterators and made them integrate better with the STL. Specifically, value_type has changed from {Vertex,Edge,...} to {Vertex,Edge,...}Handle so that dereferenced iterators can actually be put to use, now.
  • Consolidated iterator code. Functionally equivalent but way cleaner than before.
  • Improved block in update_normals(), if there are no face normals (could cause a crash)
  • Fixed usage of operator | instead of dot
  • Added a check to is_collapse_ok in TriConnectivity if the edge is already deleted or not (Could cause crashes and non-manifold configs before).
  • Made Binary IO readers multi-thread safe. (Thanks to Dominic Genest for the patch)
  • Fixed debug build crash on mac, reading from stringstream into emtpy string crashed when compiling with clang
  • Fixed stl reader by porting it to std string. It had serious problems in utf8 environments
  • Added normalized function to VectorT which returns a normalized vector whithout modifying the current one.
  • Fixed multiple connections of the omlog streams. (Thanks to Steffen Sauer for the patch)
  • Added unittest for calling the normal computations.
  • Added unittests for ascii and binary stl files.
  • Fixed doxygen warnings
  • Updated collapse function documentation
  • Updated triangulation function documentation
  • Updated normal computation documentations
  • Xcode 4.3 compatibility (Fixed issues that caused build errors with XCode 4.3)
  • Fixed some size_t uint conversion warnings
2.1.1 (2012/03/01,Rev.544) Tools
  • Fixed wrong INCLUDE_TEMPLATE include definition headers for NormalCone, and some decimater modules.
  • Only build the unit tests if google test has been found
  • Added flag to enable/disable building of unit tests
Build system
  • Drop Template only cc files (they produce no code and trigger some warnings)
2.1 (2012/01/24,Rev.531) Core
  • Implemented is_collapse_ok for polymeshes
  • Implemented split_edge ( split(edgehandle,vertexhandle) ) for poly meshes
  • Bugfix for #248 (broken end definition for vertexFaceIter). Thanks to Patrik Rauber for reporting this bug.
  • Fixed compiler error because of extra ','
  • Fixed some compiler warnings
  • Added patch to speed up add_face function(Thanks to Stephen Webb).
  • Avoid some compiler warnings
  • Added color caster from vec3f to vec4f setting alpha to 1.0 as default
  • Added color caster from vec4i to vec4f converting alpha from 0..255 range to 0..1.0
  • Replaced (v0|v1) by dot(v0,v1) in calc_sector_angle as it fails to build otherwise (Thanks to Zhang Juyong for the fix)
  • Fixed some cppcheck warnings
  • Added support for halfedge normals(allows per vertex per face normals)
  • Added normal cone datatype
  • OFF Reader: Fixed crash on some files containing empty lines(Thanks to R.Schneider for the fix)).
  • STL Reader: Add empty mesh when reading empty stl file (don't fail as this is still a valid file)
  • PLY Reader: Support vertex normals (Thanks to Bruno Dutailly)
  • PlY Writer: vertex normal support (Thanks to Bruno Dutailly)
  • PLY Writer: Fixed output of colors
  • OBJ Reader: support for vertex colors after vertices or Vertex colors as separate lines. (Thanks to Bruno Dutailly)
  • OBJ Reader: Handle objs without faces(Thanks to Bruno Dutailly)
  • Added trim functions to BaseReader
  • Added preprocess collapse function
  • Added decimate_to_faces function (Decimating to a target face count)
  • Added Hausdorff Distance module
  • Added edge length module
  • Added aspect ratio module
  • Modified base class to support fixed positions on already existing vertices
  • Added LongestEdge subdivider (Always split the currently longest edge, until a maximal edge length on the mesh is reached)
  • Updated Loop subdivider for the fixed vertex positions
  • Enabled unittests for windows
  • Added test for VertexIter
  • Added test for EdgeIter
  • Added test for VertexFaceiter (with and without holes)
  • Added test for VertexOHalfedgeiter
  • Added test for FaceFaceiter (with and without holes)
  • Added test for collapse and is_collapse_ok operations
  • Added test for ply reader(points only)
  • Added tests for vertex colors in obj files
  • Added tests for ply reader with and without normals, ascii mode
  • Document that if OpenMesh is linked statically OM_STATIC_BUILD has to be defined on the executable to make readers work correctly
  • Improved MeshIO Documentation
  • Added doc about Skipping Iterators
  • Document behaviour of circulators on deleted elements
  • Get rid of most doxygen warnings
  • Improved documentation of the decimater and its modules
Build System
  • Append a 'd' to the lib name if in debug mode and not in release mode
  • Changed build directory contents on Mac (Build all binaries in Build dir only)
  • Disable Fixbundle on Mac (not required at the moment and hangs forever)
  • Added unittest directory and Build system (build explicitly with make unittests)
  • Skip fixbundle when building without apps on windows
  • On windows: If release and debug libs are build in same directory, install them both
  • On windows: Make sure that all dlls are copied
  • On windows: create start menu shortcut to Documentation
  • On windows: MinGW support
2.0.1 (2011/05/20,Rev.389) Apps
  • Get rid of glew dependencies
  • Remove a lot of unused qt libraries which were linked before
  • Do not link libXi and Xmu as we don't need it
  • Added two new subdivision schemes (Interpolating Sqrt3 Labsik-Greiner and Modified Butterfly) to subdivider applications
  • Work with gcc 4.6: ptrdiff_t not correctly included from std, Thanks to Ville Heiskanen for the patch)
  • Fixed bug in decimater where boundary check was using the wrong halfege(Thanks to Michal Nociar for the patch)
Build System
  • Updated debian dir (thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)
  • Removed glew depedency
  • Only one fixbundle on mac and windows
  • Run fixbundle only in standalone mode
  • Run fixbundle only once
  • Change debian control to reduce dependencies (glew,some qt libs)
  • Fixed BUILD_APPS macro
  • Fixed error in image about edge collapses
  • Fixed wrong strip path in doxygen settings
  • Fixed compilation instructions for mac
  • Switched to white background with black text
  • Removed glew from docs
2.0 (2010/12/21,Rev.356) Core
  • Improve computation of normals for poly meshes ( now the average normal is taken not the normal of one triangle)
  • Avoid % Operator in normal calculation (triggers compiler error on vectors of size other than 3)
  • Added status flag indicating that mesh reader duplicated primitives to avoid non-manifold configurations
  • Setting associated handles of iterator types invalid if reference mesh contains none of the respective entities.
  • Added halfedge colors
  • PLY Reader: Avoid failure of file writing if face colors or face normals are requested for PLY files.
  • Added missing include of string.h to VectorT.hh (Thanks to Justin Bronder for reporting this)
  • Added some vector norm functions for L1 norm, and absolute mean,max,min(Thanks to Michal Nociar)
  • OpenMesh mesh dual generator added (Thanks to Clement Courbet for providing the code)
  • Added Sqrt3InterpolatingSubdividerLabsikGreinerT and ModifiedButterFlyT (Thanks to Clément Courbet for providing the code)
  • OpenMesh mesh dual generator application added (Thanks to Clement Courbet for providing the code)
  • Added search engine
  • Added treeview on the left
  • Generate subpage structure to make treeview more organized
  • Enabled Doxygen stl support
  • Fixed documentation for add_face and some other typos (Thanks to Yamauchi Hitoshi)
  • Added preprocessor directives such that doxigen parses vectorT correctly
Build System
  • Copy Doc directories to installers
  • Copy shared Qt Libs to build dir on windows
  • Updated glew and glut finders
  • Respect seperate settings for build types (release,debug,relwithdebinfo)
  • Extend macros acg_append_files_recursive acg_append_files to not include files starting with a dot
2.0-RC5 (2010/03/08,Rev.305) Core
  • Fixed build error in function calc_dihedral_angle_fast
  • Made iterators/circulators stl compliant
  • Provide begin/end functions for circulators
  • mostream crash fixed (Thanks to Adrian Secord for providing the patch)
  • added colors to status flags for edges ( request_edge_color ... )
  • Fixed issue with wrong normal scalar type when using integer points and float normals ( Thanks to Clement Courbet for reporting this bug)
  • Fixed build error in STL writer
  • Fixed and enhanced PLY reader to improve handling of unknown properties (Thanks to Michal Nociar for the patch)
  • Fixed crash in Offreader with DOS line endings. (Thanks to Adrian Secord for the patch)
  • Fixed obj readers for some files containing tabs
  • OpenMesh progressive mesh generator readded
  • OpenMesh progressive mesh viewer readded
  • OpenMesh progressive mesh analyzer readded
  • OpenMesh progressive mesh synthesizer readded
  • Updated Documentation front page
  • Added mesh navigation tutorial
  • Added iterator tutorial
  • Updated tutorial and docu for mesh circulators
  • Updated tutorial on deleting geometry
  • Examples for flipping and collapsing edges
  • Fixed a lot of doxygen warnings
  • Fixed some spellings
Build System
  • Fixed rpath issue when building and installing on MacOS
  • Fixed install target for MacOS (headers where not copied due to bug in cmake)
2.0-RC4 (2009/11/18,Rev.227) Core
  • Added function for direct access to property vectors
  • Fixed clear functions to swap vectors. This frees OpenMesh memory when clear is invoked.
  • Fixed bug in handle() function when getting handle from given Halfedge (Reported by Rob Patro)
  • Memory leak in assignment Operator (Reported by Meng Luan, Thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko for the patch)
  • Fixed reading ply files with unknown properties
  • Added support for texture coordinates in ply files
  • Add additional interface to readers/writers to use streams directly (allows direct writing to a streams)
  • OMFromat -> Fixed empty template parameter issue under msvc
  • OBJReader -> fixed loading multiple objs with material files
  • OBJWriter -> Fixed writing of normals, Missing / when skipping texture coordinates
Build system
  • Added missing c files
  • Build shared and static version under linux (cmake)
  • Added -DBUILD_APPS=OFF cmake flag to skip building of apps (cmake)
  • Added install target (cmake)
  • Added doc target (cmake)
  • Added doc-install target (cmake)
  • Generate sonames under linux (cmake)
  • Debian build dir for building Debian packages (Thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)
  • Package generator for windows. Builds an setup file containing precompiled static libs and includes for windows.
  • Throw warning if a min or max macro is defined under windows and suggest NOMINMAX (Thanks to Ingo Esser)
  • Updated Documentation Mainpage
  • Updated properties tutorial to include all request_... functions
  • Updates for build instructions
  • Added Tutorial on deleting geometry
  • Fixed Traits example
  • Other minor fixes
  • Added tutorials as compileable source code
  • Updated debian dir to build debs (Thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)
2.0-RC3 (2009/06/04) License
  • Relicense under LGPL v3 with additional exception for template inclusion
  • PLY writer fix ( thanks to Marc Hugi )
  • PLY reader fix ( wrong parsing of uchar binary data )
  • PLY reader warnings fix ( thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko )
  • OBJ Reader now stores texture information in additional Mesh properties
  • OBJ reader/writer fixes
  • Smother now respects feature primitives
  • Decimater improvements and fixes ( thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko )
Build system
  • Updated directory structure
  • Changed libnames to libOpenMesh and libOpenMeshTools
  • cmake support
  • bugfixes to qmake build system
  • Keep some basic ACGMake files around ( acgmake is deprecated!! We will not provide support for it! Please use cmake or qmake instead. )
  • Fixed some warnings with latest gcc
  • Per halfedge texture coordinates added
  • Extended functions to get available properties
2.0-RC2 (2009/02/17)
  • Fix for OBJ reader not reading texture coordinates correctly ( Thanks to Kamalneet Singh )
  • Fixed included Visual Studio files
2.0-RC1 (2009/01/28)
  • Reader / writer have been updated
  • Some general bugfixes
  • The usage of acgmake has become deprecated since the last release. It has been replaced by qmake
  • Improved Documentation
  • Dropped support for acgmake which has been entirely replaced by qmake
  • Credits to Simon Floery, Canjiang Ren, Johannes Totz, Leon Kos, Jean Pierre Charalambos, Mathieu Gauthier
1.9.7 (2008/10/13)
  • Ported applications to qt4
  • Bugfixes in Decimater
  • Improved Documentation
  • Dropped support for gcc 3.x compilers (This does not mean that it does not work anymore)
  • Dropped support for Versions of Visual Studio older than 2008
1.1.0 (2007/02/26)
  • Fixed a VS 2005 compilation issue regarding the Sqrt3 subdivision class.
  • Fixed GCC-4.1 compilation problems.
  • The STL writer routine now correctly closes the "solid" block with "endsolid".
  • The API of the vector class has been changed slightly due to problems with some versions of GCC:
    The cast operator to the scalar type has been removed and replaced by the function data(). Hence, existing code like
    Vec3f vertex;
    glVertex3fv( vertex );
    has to be changed to
    Vec3f vertex;
    glVertex3fv( );
1.0.0 (2005/09/20)
  • Mainly fixed the bugs collected in beta4.
  • Slightly changed module handling in the Decimater.
  • Removed some parts to keep the project maintainable.
  • Fixed MacOS compilation problems.
  • Compatibility for latest gcc4 compilers.
1.0.0-beta4 (2004/01/20)
  • Bugs fixed: 1.0.0-beta3:001
  • Documentation of module Core completed.
  • Documentation of module Tools::Decimater and Tools::Subdivider completed.
  • Revised class structure for uniform subdivision.
  • Revised rule handling for composite adaptive subdivision.
1.0.0-beta3 (2003/12/04) The beta3 fixes only the known bugs in beta2.
  • Bugs fixed: 1.0.0-beta2:{001, 002, 003, 004}
  • Known Bugs:
    • 001: OFFReader: Option bit not cleared before analyzing .off header.
      Symptoms: If a previously read .off file had normals/texcoords, a second read of another file w/o normals or texcoords, will return with option bits normals/texcoords enabled.
1.0.0-beta2 (2003/11/05)
  • Change of directory structure
    +- %OpenMesh/
       +- Core/     # previously %OpenMesh
       +- Tools/    # previously OpenMeshTools
       +- Apps/     # previously OpenMeshApps
       +- Win/      # contains all solutions files and projects for MS VC++
       +- Doc/      # contains all documentation
    Note! The supplied script \c %OpenMesh/ can be used to adjust include paths and ACGMakefiles. (It's not guarantied the script handles every case, but so far it did not missed a file to adjust.)
  • Porting issues: Due to a number of major changes in the structure of %OpenMesh a few incompatibilities have been introduced. Have look in \c %OpenMesh/porting.txt for hints how to treat your source when updating from 0.11.x to 1.0.0.
    Hint! The supplied script \c %OpenMesh/ does a few of the necessary modifications.
  • The list kernel has been removed
  • Improved IO support:
    • Read/write ascii and binary STL
    • Read/write ascii and binary OFF
    • Support for vertex normals and vertex texcoords in OFF and OBJ
    • Support importing diffuse material into face color property from OBJ files.
    • Properietary binary format OM, supporting read/write of custom properties
  • Improved coordinate class OpenMesh::VectorT:
    • VectorT::vectorize(Scalar) is no longer static, now it changes the vector. Use it e.g. to clear vector values.
    • Casts between two vector classes of the same dimension are now explicit. This avoids unwanted and expensive casts.
    • Optimized performance by manual loop-unrolling. These optimizations are partial specializations for vectors of dimension 2, 3 and 4. Since Microsoft's VC++ still does not support partial specialization and also provides rather poor loop-unrolling, users of this compiler are stuck to lower performance.
  • OpenSG Support:
    • New kernel type \c class TriMesh_OSGArrayKernelT<>.
      • Uses OpenSG geometry types!
      • PolyMesh not supported, yet!
    • Use \c OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::bind<> to link a mesh obj with an \c osg::Geometry and vice versa.
      Please note that both objects share the same data!
      • Binding a mesh to an \c osg::Geometry changes the content of the \c osg::Geometry!
      • Triangulates non-triangular faces!
      • Multi-indexed geometry not supported!
      • Transfer of vertex normals
      • Limited capability to transfer colors: So far, only \c osg::Color3f <-> \c OpenMesh::Vec3ub
  • Microsoft VC++ 7.0 projects files
    • Tutorial solution file
  • New tools/applications:
    • \c Tools/VDPM (View Dependent Progressive Mesh Library)
      • \c Apps/VDProgMesh/mkbalancedpm - Create a balanced progressive mesh.
      • \c Apps/VDProgMesh/Analyzer - Create a view dependent progressive mesh file.
      • \c Apps/VDProgMesh/Synthesizer - A viewer for the VDPM file.
    • Apps/mconvert
    • Apps/IvViewer - added support for Coin
  • Known Bugs: The following bugs are related to the TriMesh_OSGArrayKernelT<>:
    • 001: Cannot request/release the default attribute halfedge_status.
    • 002: Cannot release the default attribute vertex_texcoords
    • 003: Assignment operator = () does not work properly.
    • 004: No copy-constructor available!
0.11.1 (2002/12/02)
  • Bugs fixed: 0.11.0:{001, 002, 003, 004, 006}

    006: Use acgmake version 1.1.1.
  • Preprocessor warnings of gcc >= 3 fixed.
  • Added some more dynamic ways to append properties to items: OpenMesh::Any and OpenMesh::PropertyT .
  • VectorT: standard operator less added, Vec4f is now 16-bit aligned using gcc compiler (for later SIMD usage).
  • Use OM_STATIC_BUILD=1 when creating a static library. The static version of the library needs to included IOInstances.hh, which is done in that case. When compiling with MS VC7, the define is set automatically, as the DLL-Version is not supported yet. acgmake (Version >= 1.1) set the define automatically when using the flag for static compiling.
  • The read_mesh() methods now clears the mesh before reading a new one.
  • Added can_read() and can_write() methods to the IOManager.
0.11.0 (2002/09/07)
  • Bugs fixed: 0.10.2:{001, 002, 003, 004, 005}
  • Added MS VC++ 7.0 project files for the tutorial programms. (Have a look in /Win32/MSVC/)
  • New Input/Output management, see \ref mesh_io. The new interface is as backwards-compatible as possible. Only the read_[off,obj] and write_[off,obj] methods do no longer exist. You should now include OpenMesh/IO/MeshIO.hh instead of MeshReader.hh and MeshWriter.hh. The old include files may be removed in a future release.
  • Added: Generic algorithms may now define their own traits, these traits can be merged with other user-defined traits by the OM_Merge_Traits macro. See tutorial \ref tutorial_06.
  • Added generic handle <-> item conversions, see
    • OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT::handle() and
    • OpenMesh::PolyMeshT::deref().
    The kernel methods vertex_handle(), halfedge_handle(), edge_handle(), face_handle() should no longer be used, but are still existent for compatibility reasons. You can hide them by uncommenting the define OM_HIDE_DEPRECATED in OpenMesh/System/config.h.
  • Internal methods, like Vertex::halfedge_handle() or Vertex::point() are now hidden, since the respective kernel methods (like MeshKernel::halfedge_handle(VertexHandle) or MeshKernel::point(VertexHandle)) should be used instead.
  • Added convenience methods for the mesh kernels:
    • OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT::n_halfedges()
    • OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT::halfedges_empty()
    • OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT::halfedge_handle(unsigned int _i)
  • Known Bugs:
    • 001: Ambigous auto_ptr<> cast in ExporterT.hh.
    • 002: BaseImporter and BaseExporter have no virtual destructor.
    • 003: Reader does not work correctly, when reading from a istream.
    • 004: cross(VectorT, VectorT) returns Scalar instead of VectorT.
    • 005: PolyMeshT::calc_face_normal() may give wrong results if the first 3 points of the polygon are colinear or concave.
    • 006: Reading/writing (MeshIO) of files does not work when using acgmake with SuSE 8.1.
0.10.2 (2002/06/25)
  • Bugs fixed: 0.10.1:{001, 002}
  • The edge collapse checking method TriMeshT::is_collapse_ok() is now more restrictive. It prohibits cases that could be handled by the halfedge data structure, but would probably not be regarded as a legal mesh.
  • The vertex split operation creates up to 3 new edges and 2 new faces. Up to now it was possible to pass handles to edges/faces that should be used instead of creating new ones. This option has been removed in order to get a cleaner interface.
  • The MeshCheckerT has been changed slightly: it omits deleted elements, so one does not have to perform a garbage collection before checking the mesh. It also checks for the halfedges building cycles around faces or boundaries.
  • Known Bugs:
    • 001: OpenMesh::PolyMeshT::operator=() does not return \c *this.
    • 002: OpenMesh::DefaultAttributer added unnecessary 20 bits to the elementary mesh types.
0.10.1 (2002/04/22)
  • Bugs fixed: 0.10.0:{001, 002, 003, 004, 005}
  • Added: Predefined attribute \c TexCoord.
  • Added: Support for MS VC++ 6.0 IDE with Intel Compiler.
  • Added: Tutorial 6 on generic algorithms.
  • SharedCoordArrayKernelT is now derived from ArrayKernelT.
  • Added: Assignment operator operator=() for PolyMeshT and TriMeshT.
  • Added: Method TriMeshT::is_collapse_ok(), checking topological conditions for a given halfedge collapse.
  • Known Bugs:
    • 001: PolyMeshT::delete_face(): Outgoing halfedge handle of a vertex can incorrectly be invalidated. Influences vertex circulators, find_halfedge() and therefore add_face().
      Workaround: Replace v0 by v1 in line 585 of
    • 002: TriMeshT::collapse(): Some special cases are incorrectly handled when collapsing boundary halfedges. The same cases are also incorrect for the inverse operation TriMeshT::vertex_split() operation.
0.10.0 (2002/03/19)
  • Interface for specifying the traits classes simplified (see Traits.hh).
  • Changed attribute handling; the attributer class (the class that adds and registers attributes to mesh items) can be provided by the user.
  • Removed MyMesh::Face::n_vertices() and MyMesh::Face::set_n_vertices().
  • MeshWriter::write_* changed accordingly.
  • Bug fix: PolyMeshT::delete_[face,edge,vertex] now work correctly.
  • Removed cyclic dependency between items and kernel, because MS VC++ cannot handle the resulting template forward declaration :-(. Therefore the Base::Refs class, given for the traits classes, no longer provides the types \c Vertex, \c Halfedge, \c Edge, and \c Face. It now only provides all handle types, the point and the scalar type.
  • Finally: MS VC++ 7.0 supported.
  • Known Bugs:
    • 001: call to undefined method Face::set_n_vertices().
      Workaround: Comment out the two occurences of the call.
    • 002: Missing \#include in OpenMesh/Mesh/Types/PolyMesh_ListKernelT.hh.
    • 003: Special case in TriMeshT::edge_collapse(): when collapsing a boundary vertex into an interior one, the outgoing halfedge of the resulting vertex my not be a boundary one.
    • 004: PolyMeshT::delete_edge did not pass its argument _delete_isolated_vertices to PolyMeshT::delete_face.
    • 005: PolyMeshT::assign() was not linked because of an \#if error.
0.9.2 (-)
  • PolyMeshT::add_face() now detects more topological errors.
  • Added mesh kernel methods: remove_last_[vertex,edge,face]().
0.9.1 (2002/02/07)
  • Changed the main namespace from ACG to OpenMesh.
  • Added invalid handle constants, e.g. PolyMeshT::InvalidVertexHandle.
  • Mesh provides circulators: PolyMeshT::vv_iter(VertexHandle).
0.9 (2002/01/25)
  • initial release

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