Commit e4e5573a authored by Kersten Schuster's avatar Kersten Schuster

flipped quad y-coord so that backface culling works correctly.

parent ff9d62f2
......@@ -71,10 +71,10 @@ public:
VertexT data[] = {
gen(minCoord.x, minCoord.y), //
gen(minCoord.x, maxCoord.y), //
gen(maxCoord.x, minCoord.y), //
gen(maxCoord.x, maxCoord.y),
gen(minCoord.x, minCoord.y), //
gen(maxCoord.x, maxCoord.y), //
gen(maxCoord.x, minCoord.y),
auto va = VertexArray::create(ab, nullptr, GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP);
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