Commit 204e8f7f authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Merge branch 'hexahedral_cube_and_typo_fixes' into 'master'

HExahedral Cube, warning fixes

See merge request !316
parents 4ff1414f e713d1fe
Subproject commit 00df1a04cbc51c954f1578782fc23d0ef62d5183
Subproject commit 73c030035a2a9919eff2c8e2c7f81be74acf5d78
Subproject commit 6e2ec0b952ba013e57db271f23bd8391de83284c
Subproject commit dfaa0433db935e1c6b80db20458d869a4fac65ad
Subproject commit 9fed59be25e0b24226e3df0974f5130ddea9cb9d
Subproject commit e7813e2411ea0a29c116bb0269b9e961fccd8689
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