Commit 3df563eb authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius

Removed duplicate implementations of the plane type

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Subproject commit 276726d9fb2bf9bc8c1c5a87ea8a71150e43862a
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Subproject commit bed8928db94ab6d6601eb1a0e37e9fb916033c95
Subproject commit 49fa186b0dab1ee110ffeb5de5946e7c10d317a9
Subproject commit d2c6d506ffa8e709b646e5ed164820c9e951c460
Subproject commit 280eaa0a0e862fcb9f52203266c8ce09fc04d52c
Subproject commit fe315b834db9680ad65bcad0fc5955a96e80570e
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