Commit 4ff1414f authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius

Merge branch 'Update_OVM_add_faces_colored_flat_shaded' into 'master'

add_faces_colored_flat_shaded to OVM

See merge request !315
parents c2b1fa82 6cad4ad6
Pipeline #6054 canceled with stages
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Subproject commit eb2bc59ea9d7a20b2e761b1c5b0501e78fa8f408
Subproject commit 00df1a04cbc51c954f1578782fc23d0ef62d5183
Subproject commit b0d6aaa83cb1784edf84e0dd0eb8fb71c091fe9a
Subproject commit 1df747d5b6dfe85dc113d3b823863b4d76ddde16
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