Commit 17e0d162 authored by Martin Heistermann's avatar Martin Heistermann

move Plane implementations to ACG

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Subproject commit 3c3f25072129e5a04d45e5126f4731197373f82c
Subproject commit b07910ed1d46ad9e8843b48fd7743934e2008bd4
Subproject commit 19d00ec721c292d402dab01fc775410403f89248
Subproject commit 613183cd10b4b1689a4414767bd2d0cdea44144a
Subproject commit 49fa186b0dab1ee110ffeb5de5946e7c10d317a9
Subproject commit 07d4c2e98ed49aaac40fa29954b4bbe53860a5db
Subproject commit 280eaa0a0e862fcb9f52203266c8ce09fc04d52c
Subproject commit 8c4c8d38176368cab620007c40f305ff68f0465a
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