Commit 01785db4 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius

Added Python Interface for some File Plugins

parent 1fa76ad8
Subproject commit 3346248f892fe92ef5c944d1563c024a3fc7ddba
Subproject commit 80e3e5478035dc0b70413570b8c815387c30d6f0
Subproject commit 765c846dc6f2e724359f12f2983e7dca05d5883f
Subproject commit 619dc92106d79ef87cbc56dd8fc9eeff3c27803d
Subproject commit 810405f679a901ccb76c56fc03f3cff58bbc092f
Subproject commit 97b25c80fee706080f8a04bccc45e9d6307f3a11
Subproject commit 3f792b40f6a59eee563dec0daf641041c9645fcd
Subproject commit 2910a803eac6a516ece2d57fe12057b160b61416
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