Commit 5ddff98f authored by Dario Seyb's avatar Dario Seyb

removed references to make_unique

parent 127b3aa9
......@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@
static std::unique_ptr<Scene> createScene(std::string sceneType, std::string sceneIni, Context* context) {
if (sceneType == "Orbits") {
return std::make_unique<OrbitsScene>(context, sceneIni);
return std::unique_ptr<OrbitsScene>(new OrbitsScene(context, sceneIni));
} else if (sceneType == "AtmosphereTest") {
return std::make_unique<AtmosphereTestScene>(context, sceneIni);
return std::unique_ptr<AtmosphereTestScene>(new AtmosphereTestScene(context, sceneIni));
// Add your scenes here
else {
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