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# gameprogramming
## Build Instruction
All dependencies are included. You should be able to run:
- ./
- ./
without issues.
## Gameplay Instructions
- Move the little spaceship with WASD
- Shoot with SPACEBAR
- Move off screen to the right to quit the intro
- Look around with the mouse
- Yaw with A/D
- Pitch with W/S
- Roll with Q/E
- Accelerate/Decelerate with X/Y
- Press SHIFT for faster acceleration
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ bool AtmosphereTestScene::startup() {
m_renderer->setRenderPassActive("Skybox"_sh, false);
m_renderer->setRenderPassActive("Minimap"_sh, false);
m_renderer->setRenderPassSSAO("Cockpit"_sh, false);
m_renderer->setRenderPassSSAO("Cockpit"_sh, true);
m_renderer->addRenderPass(consoleCamera, "Console"_sh, ScreenSpaceSize::HALF);
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