Commit 38d9198e authored by Philip Trettner's avatar Philip Trettner

added 2D line line intersection

parent ea2785c9
......@@ -540,6 +540,14 @@ template <class ScalarT>
return {};
template <class ScalarT>
[[nodiscard]] constexpr pos<2, ScalarT> intersection(line<2, ScalarT> const& l0, line<2, ScalarT> const& l1)
auto M = tg::mat<2, 2, ScalarT>::from_cols(l0.dir, -l1.dir);
auto t = inverse(M) * (l1.pos - l0.pos);
return l0[t.x];
template <int D, class ScalarT>
[[nodiscard]] constexpr optional<aabb<D, ScalarT>> intersection(aabb<D, ScalarT> const& a, aabb<D, ScalarT> const& b)
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