Commit 500a3109 authored by Dario Seyb's avatar Dario Seyb

double click to center view on clicked point

parent 5370c2c2
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import pythreejs as three
import numpy as np
from ipywidgets import HTML, Text
from traitlets import link, dlink, Bool
from IPython.display import display
from .indexed_attribute import *
from .mesh_helper import calculateFaceNormals, calculatePointNormals
......@@ -20,10 +22,17 @@ class Context(object):
self.scene.background = background_color
self.orbit_controls = three.OrbitControls(
self.click_picker = three.Picker(controlling=self.scene, root=self.scene, event='dblclick')
self.renderer = three.Renderer(, background=background_color, background_opacity=1,
scene=self.scene, controls=[self.orbit_controls],
scene=self.scene, controls=[self.orbit_controls, self.click_picker],
width=width, height=height, antialias=True )
def on_picked(change): = change['new']
self.click_picker.observe(on_picked, names=['point'])
def draw_sphere(self):
mesh_obj = three.Mesh(three.SphereBufferGeometry(20, 16, 16),
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