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User interface concepts

The user interface

The OpenFlipper user interface is composed of four essential widgets.

The viewport widget

The viewport widget visualizes the whole scenegraph. One can adjust viewer specific settings by chosing View in OpenFlippers menu bar. Adjustable settings contain:

  • Drawmodes (points, wireframe, solid,...)
  • Projection mode (orthogonal, perspective)
  • Set / reset home view
  • Capture screenshots
  • Adapt colors such that they match the desired profile (for printing, presentation,...)

You can switch to multi viewport mode by hitting space bar. See View functions for more information on viewing modes.

The viewport widget

The plugin widget

The plugin widget shows the toolboxes of the loaded plugins. You can customize this widget's settings by clicking an the "Change View Mode"-button.

The plugin widget with simple smoother plugin opened

The logging widget

The logging widget is used to display plugin specific information, warnings or errors. Here you can keep track of what is going on inside.

The logging widget after opening a triangle mesh file

The tool bar

The toolbar at the top of OpenFlipper's main window offers clickable icons to quickly access a plugins function.

The tool bar