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SkeletonT< PointT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkeletonT< PointT >, including all inherited members.

add_property(PropertyHandleT< T > &_hProp, std::string _name)Properties
addAnimation(std::string _name, Animation *_animation)SkeletonT< PointT >
addJoint(typename SkeletonT< PointT >::Joint *_pParent, typename SkeletonT< PointT >::Joint *_pJoint)SkeletonT< PointT >
animation(std::string _name)SkeletonT< PointT >
animation(const AnimationHandle &_hAni)SkeletonT< PointT >
Animation typedef (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >
animationCount()SkeletonT< PointT >
animationHandle(std::string _name)SkeletonT< PointT >
animationName(unsigned int _index)SkeletonT< PointT >
animations_SkeletonT< PointT >protected
animationsBegin()SkeletonT< PointT >
animationsEnd()SkeletonT< PointT >
begin()SkeletonT< PointT >
child(unsigned int _joint, unsigned int _child)SkeletonT< PointT >
childCount(unsigned int _joint)SkeletonT< PointT >
clear()SkeletonT< PointT >inline
clearAnimations()SkeletonT< PointT >
cloneAnimation(std::string _name, const AnimationHandle &_hAni)SkeletonT< PointT >
end()SkeletonT< PointT >
get_property(PropertyHandleT< T > &_hProp, std::string _name)Properties
has_property(std::string _name)Properties
insert_property_at(int _index)Propertiesprotected
insertJoint(typename SkeletonT< PointT >::Joint *_pChild, typename SkeletonT< PointT >::Joint *_pInsert)SkeletonT< PointT >
Joint typedef (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >
joint(const unsigned int &_index)SkeletonT< PointT >inline
jointCount()SkeletonT< PointT >
joints_SkeletonT< PointT >protected
JointT (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >friend
Matrix typedef (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >
names_SkeletonT< PointT >protected
operator=(const SkeletonT< PointT > &_other)SkeletonT< PointT >
parent(unsigned int _joint)SkeletonT< PointT >
Point typedef (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >
pose(const AnimationHandle &_hAni)SkeletonT< PointT >inline
Pose typedef (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >
Properties() (defined in Properties)Properties
property(PropertyHandleT< T > &_hProp, int _index)Properties
referencePose()SkeletonT< PointT >inline
referencePose_SkeletonT< PointT >protected
remove_property(PropertyHandleT< T > &_hProp)Properties
remove_property_at(int _index)Propertiesprotected
removeAnimation(std::string _name)SkeletonT< PointT >
removeAnimation(const AnimationHandle &_hAni)SkeletonT< PointT >
removeJoint(typename SkeletonT< PointT >::Joint *_pJoint)SkeletonT< PointT >
replaceAnimationName(const std::string &_strOld, const std::string &_strNew)SkeletonT< PointT >inline
root()SkeletonT< PointT >inline
Scalar typedef (defined in SkeletonT< PointT >)SkeletonT< PointT >
SkeletonT()SkeletonT< PointT >
SkeletonT(const SkeletonT< PointT > &_other)SkeletonT< PointT >
updateFromGlobal(unsigned int _idJoint)SkeletonT< PointT >protected
~Properties() (defined in Properties)Propertiesvirtual
~SkeletonT()SkeletonT< PointT >