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QtPlaneSelect Class Reference
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Public Slots

void slotMouseEvent (QMouseEvent *_event)
void slotKeyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *_event)


void signalTriggerCut ()
void updateViewProxy ()
void nodeVisChangedProxy (int _id)

Public Member Functions

 QtPlaneSelect (ACG::GLState &glState)
ACG::Vec3d getNormal ()
ACG::Vec3d getSourcePoint ()
size_t getNode ()
size_t getTargetIndex ()

Protected Attributes

ACG::Vec3d sourcePoint3D
ACG::Vec3d normal
size_t nodeIdx_
size_t targetIdx_
bool isDragging

Private Types

using Plane = ACG::Geometry::Plane

Private Member Functions

void setPlaneAndSize (const ACG::Vec3d &_sourcePoint3D, const ACG::Vec3d &_target2D)

Private Attributes

Plane plane_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file QtPlaneSelect.hh.

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