CompositeTraits.hh File Reference

Mesh traits for adaptive composite subdivider. More...

#include <map>
#include <OpenMesh/Core/Mesh/Traits.hh>
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struct  OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::CompositeTraits
 Adaptive Composite Subdivision framework. More...
struct  OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::CompositeTraits::State
 Storage type for intermediate states and the final flag of a mesh entity. More...
struct  OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::CompositeTraits::FaceT< Base, Refs >
struct  OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::CompositeTraits::EdgeT< Base, Refs >
struct  OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::CompositeTraits::VertexT< Base, Refs >


 Contains all the mesh ingredients like the polygonal mesh, the triangle mesh, different mesh kernels and mesh traits.
 Software related to adaptive subdivision of meshes.


typedef CompositeTraits::state_t OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::state_t
 Adaptive Composite Subdivision framework.
typedef CompositeTraits::final_t OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::final_t
typedef CompositeTraits::State OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::State

Detailed Description

Mesh traits for adaptive composite subdivider.

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