Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NOpenMeshContains all the mesh ingredients like the polygonal mesh, the triangle mesh, different mesh kernels and mesh traits
 NAttributesThis namespace holds per item attributes like normal/color
 NConceptsDescriptions of the concepts used in OpenMesh
 NDecimaterSoftware related to mesh decimation
 NGenProgUtilities for generative programming
 NIOThis namespace contains functions for reading and writing polygonal meshes and a list of supported file formats
 NIteratorsContains all mesh iterators and circulators
 NKernel_OSGIn this namespace resides the OpenSG integration of OpenMesh
 NFPOpenSG Face Properties Adaptors
 NVPOpenSG Vertex Properties Adaptors
 NPythonThis namespace contains classes and functions that are used to expose OpenMesh to Python
 NAdaptiveSoftware related to adaptive subdivision of meshes
 NUniformSoftware related to uniform subdivision of meshes
 NUtilsCollection of little utility classes and helpers
 NVDPMSoftware related to view dependent progressive meshes

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