OpenMesh::IO::Options Class Reference

Set options for reader/writer modules. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Core/IO/Options.hh>

Public Types

enum  Flag {
  Default = 0x0000 , Binary = 0x0001 , MSB = 0x0002 , LSB = 0x0004 ,
  Swap = 0x0008 , VertexNormal = 0x0010 , VertexColor = 0x0020 , VertexTexCoord = 0x0040 ,
  EdgeColor = 0x0080 , FaceNormal = 0x0100 , FaceColor = 0x0200 , FaceTexCoord = 0x0400 ,
  ColorAlpha = 0x0800 , ColorFloat = 0x1000 , Custom = 0x2000 , Status = 0x4000 ,
  TexCoordST = 0x8000
 Definitions of Options for reading and writing. More...
typedef int enum_type
typedef enum_type value_type

Public Member Functions

 Options ()
 Default constructor.
 Options (const Options &_opt)
 Copy constructor.
 Options (Flag _flg)
 Initializing constructor setting a single option.
 Options (const value_type _flgs)
 Initializing constructor setting multiple options.
void cleanup (void)
 Restore state after default constructor.
void clear (void)
 Clear all bits.
bool is_empty (void) const
 Returns true if all bits are zero.
Optionsoperator= (const Options &_rhs)
 Copy options defined in _rhs.
Optionsoperator= (const value_type _rhs)
Optionsoperator-= (const value_type _rhs)
 Unset options defined in _rhs.
Optionsunset (const value_type _rhs)
Optionsoperator+= (const value_type _rhs)
 Set options defined in _rhs.
Optionsset (const value_type _rhs)
bool check (const value_type _rhs) const
bool is_binary () const
bool vertex_has_normal () const
bool vertex_has_color () const
bool vertex_has_texcoord () const
bool vertex_has_status () const
bool edge_has_color () const
bool edge_has_status () const
bool halfedge_has_status () const
bool face_has_normal () const
bool face_has_color () const
bool face_has_texcoord () const
bool face_has_status () const
bool color_has_alpha () const
bool color_is_float () const
bool use_st_coordinates () const
bool operator== (const value_type _rhs) const
 Returns true if _rhs has the same options enabled.
bool operator!= (const value_type _rhs) const
 Returns true if _rhs does not have the same options enabled.
 operator value_type () const
 Returns the option set.

Detailed Description

Set options for reader/writer modules.

The class is used in a twofold way.

  1. In combination with reader modules the class is used
    • to pass hints to the reading module, whether the input is binary and what byte ordering the binary data has
    • to retrieve information about the file contents after succesful reading.
  2. In combination with write modules the class gives directions to the writer module, whether to
    • use binary mode or not and what byte order to use
    • store one of the standard properties.

The option are defined in Options::Flag as bit values and stored in an int value as a bitset.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Flag

Definitions of Options for reading and writing.

The options can be or'ed.


No options.


Set binary mode for r/w.


Assume big endian byte ordering.


Assume little endian byte ordering.


Swap byte order in binary mode.


Has (r) / store (w) vertex normals.


Has (r) / store (w) vertex colors.


Has (r) / store (w) texture coordinates.


Has (r) / store (w) edge colors.


Has (r) / store (w) face normals.


Has (r) / store (w) face colors.


Has (r) / store (w) face texture coordinates.


Has (r) / store (w) alpha values for colors.


Has (r) / store (w) float values for colors (currently only implemented for PLY and OFF files)


Has (r) custom properties (currently only implemented in PLY Reader ASCII version)


Has (r) / store (w) status properties.


Write texture coordinates as ST instead of UV.

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