Wahlpflicht Informatik (Electives for Master Computer Science)

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Applied Computer Science
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Geometry Processing
Prof. Dr. Kobbelt
Computer Vision
Prof. Dr. Leibe
Virtual Reality II: Special Topics of Virtual Reality
Prof. Dr. Kuhlen
Advanced Techniques in Physically - Based Animation
Prof. Dr. Bender
Advanced Methods in Automatic Speech Recognition
Dr. Schlüter
Concepts and Models for Parallel and Data-centric Programming (PDP)
Performance and Correctness Analysis of Parallel Programs (PCA)
Dr. Terboven,
Prof. Dr. Müller
Introduction to Numerical Methods and Software
Combinatorial Problems in Scientific Computing
Prof. Dr. Naumann
Social Networks
Web Mining
Prof. Dr. Strohmaier
Designing Interactive Systems 2
Current Topics in HCI
Prof. Dr. Borchers
Software and Communication
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Mobile Internet Technology
Dr. Thißen
Software Project Management (SPM)
Prof. Dr. Lichter
Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
Prof. Dr. Lichter
Software Language Engineering
Prof. Dr. Rumpe
Embedded Systems
Functional Safety and System Dependability
Adv. Microcontroller Programming and Debugging
Prof. Dr. Kowalewski
Dr. Stollenwerk
Data- and Information Management
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Business Process Intelligence (BPI)
Prof. Dr. van der Aalst
Introduction to Knowledge Representation
Uncertainty in Robotics
Prof. Dr. Lakemeyer
Advanced Process Mining
Dr. van Zelst
Prof. Dr. van der Aalst
CSCW and Groupware
Prof. Dr. Prinz
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Learning Technologies
Prof. Dr. Schroeder
Security in Mobile Communication
Prof. Dr. Meyer
Social Computing
Dr. Klamma
Process Management
Prof. Dr. Rose
Theoretical Computer Science
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Online Algorithms
Dr. Unger
Logic Programming
Prof. Dr. Giesl
Theoretical Foundations of the UML
Static Program Analysis
Prof. Dr. Noll
Modeling and Analysis of Hybrid Systems
Prof. Dr. Abraham
Algorithmic Game Theory
Prof. Dr. Preis
Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science
Prof. Dr. Grohe
The Graph Isomorphism Problem
Prof. Dr. Grohe
Advanced Automata Theory
Prof. Dr. Löding