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OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< MeshT > Singleton Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< MeshT >:
OpenMesh::Utils::Noncopyable OpenMesh::Decimater::DecimaterT< MeshT > OpenMesh::Decimater::McDecimaterT< MeshT > OpenMesh::Decimater::MixedDecimaterT< MeshT > OpenMesh::Decimater::MixedDecimaterT< MeshT >

Public Types

typedef BaseDecimaterT< MeshT > Self
typedef MeshT Mesh
typedef CollapseInfoT< MeshT > CollapseInfo
typedef ModBaseT< MeshT > Module
typedef std::vector< Module * > ModuleList
typedef ModuleList::iterator ModuleListIterator

Public Member Functions

 BaseDecimaterT (Mesh &_mesh)
bool initialize ()
bool is_initialized () const
 Returns whether decimater has been successfully initialized.
void info (std::ostream &_os)
 Print information about modules to _os.
void set_observer (Observer *_o)
 Add observer. More...
Observerobserver ()
 Get current observer of a decimater.
Mesh & mesh ()
 access mesh. used in modules.
template<typename _Module >
bool add (ModHandleT< _Module > &_mh)
 add module to decimater
template<typename _Module >
bool remove (ModHandleT< _Module > &_mh)
 remove module
template<typename Module >
Modulemodule (ModHandleT< Module > &_mh)
 get module referenced by handle _mh

Protected Member Functions

bool notify_observer (size_t _n_collapses)
 returns false, if abort requested by observer
void set_uninitialized ()
 Reset the initialized flag, and clear the bmodules_ and cmodule_.
void update_modules (CollapseInfo &_ci)
bool is_collapse_legal (const CollapseInfo &_ci)
float collapse_priority (const CollapseInfo &_ci)
 Calculate priority of an halfedge collapse (using the modules)
void preprocess_collapse (CollapseInfo &_ci)
 Pre-process a collapse.
void postprocess_collapse (CollapseInfo &_ci)
 Post-process a collapse.
void set_error_tolerance_factor (double _factor)
void reset ()

Private Attributes

Mesh & mesh_
 reference to mesh
ModuleList bmodules_
 list of binary modules
 the current priority module
ModuleList all_modules_
 list of all allocated modules (including cmodule_ and all of bmodules_)
bool initialized_
 Flag if all modules were initialized.

Detailed Description

template<typename MeshT>
singleton OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< MeshT >

Definition at line 90 of file BaseDecimaterT.hh.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Mesh >
bool OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< Mesh >::initialize ( void  )

Initialize decimater and decimating modules.

Return values: true ok false No ore more than one non-binary module exist. In that case the decimater is uninitialized!

Definition at line 243 of file

template<class Mesh >
bool OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< Mesh >::is_collapse_legal ( const CollapseInfo _ci)

Is an edge collapse legal? Performs topological test only. The method evaluates the status bit Locked, Deleted, and Feature.

The method temporarily sets the bit Tagged. After usage the bit will be disabled!

Definition at line 107 of file

template<typename MeshT >
void OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< MeshT >::reset ( )

Reset the status of this class

You have to call initialize again!!

Definition at line 253 of file BaseDecimaterT.hh.

template<class Mesh >
void OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< Mesh >::set_error_tolerance_factor ( double  _factor)

This provides a function that allows the setting of a percentage of the original constraint of the modules

Note that some modules might re-initialize in their set_error_tolerance_factor function as necessary

_factorhas to be in the closed interval between 0.0 and 1.0

Definition at line 198 of file

template<typename MeshT >
void OpenMesh::Decimater::BaseDecimaterT< MeshT >::set_observer ( Observer _o)

Add observer.

You can set an observer which is used as a callback to check the decimators progress and to abort it if necessary.

_oObserver to be used

Definition at line 131 of file BaseDecimaterT.hh.

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