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OpenMesh::BaseProperty Class Referenceabstract

#include <OpenMesh/Core/Utils/PropertyT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::BaseProperty:
OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty > OpenMesh::PropertyT< T > OpenMesh::PropertyT< bool > OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string > OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::FP::GeoIndicesUI32< IsTriMesh >

Public Member Functions

 BaseProperty (const std::string &_name="<unknown>")
 Default constructor. More...
 BaseProperty (const BaseProperty &_rhs)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~BaseProperty ()
virtual void reserve (size_t _n)=0
 Reserve memory for n elements.
virtual void resize (size_t _n)=0
 Resize storage to hold n elements.
virtual void clear ()=0
 Clear all elements and free memory.
virtual void push_back ()=0
 Extend the number of elements by one.
virtual void swap (size_t _i0, size_t _i1)=0
 Let two elements swap their storage place.
virtual void copy (size_t _io, size_t _i1)=0
 Copy one element to another.
virtual BasePropertyclone () const =0
 Return a deep copy of self.
const std::string & name () const
 Return the name of the property.
virtual void stats (std::ostream &_ostr) const
bool persistent (void) const
 Returns true if the persistent flag is enabled else false.
virtual void set_persistent (bool _yn)=0
virtual size_t n_elements () const =0
 Number of elements in property.
virtual size_t element_size () const =0
 Size of one element in bytes or UnknownSize if not known.
virtual size_t size_of () const
 Return size of property in bytes.
virtual size_t size_of (size_t _n_elem) const
virtual size_t store (std::ostream &_ostr, bool _swap) const =0
 Store self as one binary block.
virtual size_t restore (std::istream &_istr, bool _swap)=0

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t UnknownSize = size_t(-1)
 Indicates an error when a size is returned by a member.

Protected Member Functions

template<typename T >
void check_and_set_persistent (bool _yn)

Private Attributes

std::string name_
bool persistent_

Detailed Description

Abstract class defining the basic interface of a dynamic property.

Definition at line 65 of file BaseProperty.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenMesh::BaseProperty::BaseProperty ( const std::string &  _name = "<unknown>")

Default constructor.

In OpenMesh all mesh data is stored in so-called properties. We distinuish between standard properties, which can be defined at compile time using the Attributes in the traits definition and at runtime using the request property functions defined in one of the kernels.

If the property should be stored along with the default properties in the OM-format one must name the property and enable the persistant flag with set_persistent().

_nameOptional textual name for the property.

Definition at line 88 of file BaseProperty.hh.

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t OpenMesh::BaseProperty::restore ( std::istream &  _istr,
bool  _swap 
pure virtual

Restore self from a binary block. Uses reserve() to set the size of self before restoring.

Implemented in OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >, OpenMesh::PropertyT< bool >, OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty >, and OpenMesh::PropertyT< T >.

virtual void OpenMesh::BaseProperty::set_persistent ( bool  _yn)
pure virtual

Enable or disable persistency. Self must be a named property to enable persistency.

Implemented in OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >, OpenMesh::PropertyT< bool >, OpenMesh::Kernel_OSG::oPropertyT< GeoProperty >, and OpenMesh::PropertyT< T >.

virtual size_t OpenMesh::BaseProperty::size_of ( size_t  _n_elem) const

Estimated size of property if it has _n_elem elements. The member returns UnknownSize if the size cannot be estimated.

Reimplemented in OpenMesh::PropertyT< std::string >, OpenMesh::PropertyT< bool >, and OpenMesh::PropertyT< T >.

Definition at line 152 of file BaseProperty.hh.

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