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SplatCloud::CloudPropertyT< T > Class Template Reference

#include <ObjectTypes/SplatCloud/SplatCloud/SplatCloud.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SplatCloud::CloudPropertyT< T >:

Public Types

typedef T Value
 Value type.
typedef T & Reference
 These are references to T, not to CloudPropertyT<T>.
typedef const T & ConstReference
 These are used only out of a consistency reason to the class SplatPropertyT<T>.

Public Member Functions

 CloudPropertyT (const PropertyHandleT< T > &_handle)
Reference data ()
 Access the data as reference.
ConstReference data () const
 Access the data as const reference.
virtual size_t sizeOf () const
 Get the size of type.
virtual const std::type_info & typeId () const
 Get the runtime type information.

Private Member Functions

virtual ~CloudPropertyT ()
virtual CloudPropertyT< T > * clone () const
 Return a deep copy of this.
void operator= (const CloudPropertyT< T > &)
 Disallow the assign operator. (private and not implemented)

Private Attributes

 The actual stored data.


class SplatCloud
 Let class SplatCloud access methods like clone().

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class SplatCloud::CloudPropertyT< T >

Type specific class for cloud-properties

Definition at line 330 of file SplatCloud.hh.

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