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ACG::ColorCoder Class Reference

Class for generating nice colors for doubles. More...

#include <ACG/Utils/ColorCoder.hh>

Public Member Functions

 ColorCoder (float _min=0.0, float _max=1.0, bool _signed=false)
 Default constructor.
void set_range (float _min, float _max, bool _signed)
 set the color coding range for unsigned coding
ACG::Vec4uc color4 (float _v) const
 color coding
ACG::Vec3uc color (float _v) const
 color coding
ACG::Vec3f color_float (float _v) const
 color coding
ACG::Vec4f color_float4 (float _v) const
 color coding
QColor color_qcolor (float _v) const
 color coding
float min () const
 min scalar value
float max () const
 max scalar value
ACG::Vec4f operator() (float _v) const

Private Member Functions

ACG::Vec4uc color_unsigned (float _v) const
ACG::Vec4uc color_signed (float _v) const

Private Attributes

float val0_
float val1_
float val2_
float val3_
float val4_
bool signed_mode_

Detailed Description

Class for generating nice colors for doubles.

Definition at line 75 of file ColorCoder.hh.

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