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CursorPainter Class Reference

#include <OpenFlipper/widgets/glWidget/CursorPainter.hh>

Inheritance diagram for CursorPainter:

Public Member Functions

 CursorPainter (QObject *_parent=0)
 ~CursorPainter ()
void setCursor (const QCursor &_cursor)
 Sets the current used cursor.
void initializeGL ()
 Needs to be called after the gl context has been set up to initialize internal values.
void registerViewer (glViewer *_viewer)
 Add a glViewer that will use this CursorPainter.
void paintCursor (ACG::GLState *_state)
 Cursor painting function. The _state has to be setup that 0,0,0 is at the cursor position.
void updateCursorPosition (QPointF _scenePos)
 Sets the current cursor position.
QPointF cursorPosition ()
 Return the current cursor position.
void setEnabled (bool _enabled)
 Enabled/Disables gl cursor painting.
void setForceNative (bool _enabled)
 Enabled/Disables native cursors.
bool enabled ()
 Returns true if cursor painting is enabled and compatible cursor is set.
void setMouseIn (bool _in)
 Inform the cursor painter about mouse enter / leave.
QRectF cursorBoundingBox ()
 Bounding box of the cursor.

Private Member Functions

void cursorToTexture ()
void cursorToCursor ()

Private Attributes

QCursor cursor_
QCursor nativeCursor_
QPointF cursorPos_
bool initialized_
QVector< glViewer * > views_
bool enabled_
bool mouseIn_
bool forceNative_
int xOff_
int yOff_
GLuint texture_
bool hasCursor_

Detailed Description

Class that paints the cursor using gl calls

Definition at line 74 of file CursorPainter.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void CursorPainter::cursorToTexture ( )
Possibly switch all cursors to bitmap cursors and check there Hotspots!!

Definition at line 250 of file

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