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DataType Class Reference

Predefined datatypes. More...

#include <OpenFlipper/common/DataTypes.hh>

Public Member Functions

 DataType (const unsigned int &_i)
bool operator!= (const unsigned int &_i) const
bool operator!= (const DataType &_i) const
bool operator== (const unsigned int &_i) const
bool operator== (const DataType &_i) const
DataTypeoperator= (const unsigned int &_i)
DataTypeoperator= (const DataType &_i)
bool operator< (const unsigned int &_i) const
bool operator< (const DataType &_i) const
DataTypeoperator|= (const unsigned int &_i)
DataTypeoperator|= (const DataType &_i)
bool operator& (const unsigned int &_i) const
bool operator& (const DataType &_i) const
DataType operator! ()
bool contains (const DataType &_i) const
DataType operator| (const DataType &_i) const
DataType operator++ (int _unused)
DataTypeoperator++ ()
unsigned int value () const
QString name () const
 Return the name of this type as text.

Private Attributes

unsigned int field

Detailed Description

Predefined datatypes.

Here are several datatypes which have predefined ids. This might be changed to runtime added datatypes in the future.the internal DataType class

Normally we could use an unsigned int here. But QT can't register an typedef unsigned int DataType as DataType and will recognize it as unsigned int and therefore DataType will still be unknown to QtScript. To overcome this Problem, we reimplement a wrapper around the int and provide additional functionality such as returning the name of the type directly

Definition at line 96 of file DataTypes.hh.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int DataType::value ( ) const

return the internal representation of the type which is an unsigned int at the moment.

You should avoid using this directly as the internal representation might change in the future

Definition at line 423 of file

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