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ACG::SceneGraph::DrawAction Class Reference

#include <ACG/Scenegraph/SceneGraph.hh>

Public Member Functions

 DrawAction (DrawModes::DrawMode _drawMode, GLState &_state, bool _blending)
 Constructor: draws the scenegraph using _drawMode.
bool operator() (BaseNode *_node)
void enter (BaseNode *_node)
void leave (BaseNode *_node)

Private Attributes

DrawModes::DrawMode drawMode_
bool blending_

Detailed Description

This action is used to traverse and draw a scenegraph using the draw mode specified in the constructor. Specify if you want to draw solid or transparent objects. Needs GLState.

This class implements an action that should be used as a parameter for the traverse() functions.

Definition at line 693 of file SceneGraph.hh.

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