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ACG::DrawMeshBase Class Reference

#include <ACG/GL/DrawMesh.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ACG::DrawMeshBase:
ACG::DrawMeshT< Mesh >

Public Member Functions

unsigned int getNumTris () const
unsigned int getNumVerts () const
MeshCompilergetMeshCompiler ()
 get mesh compiler used to create the draw mesh
unsigned int getNumSubsets () const
GLenum getIndexType () const
 get index type of index buffer
GLuint pickVertexIBO_opt ()
 get an index buffer mapping from openmesh vertices to drawmesh vbo vertices More...

Protected Member Functions

void deleteIbo ()
void bindVbo ()
void bindIbo ()
void bindLineIbo ()
void bindPickVertexIbo ()
void createIndexBuffer ()
void fillLineBuffer (size_t n_edges, void *data)
void fillVertexBuffer ()
void fillInvVertexMap (size_t n_vertices, void *data)

Protected Attributes

GLuint vbo_
GLuint ibo_
size_t numTris_
size_t numVerts_
GLuint lineIBO_
 index buffer used in Wireframe / Hiddenline mode
GLenum indexType_
 support for 2 and 4 byte unsigned integers
std::vector< char > vertices_
 vertex buffer layout declaration with per vertex colors
 vertex buffer layout declaration with per edge colors
 vertex buffer layout declaration with per halfedge colors
 vertex buffer layout declaration with halfedge positions only
GLuint pickVertexIBO_
 map from openmesh vertex to vbo vertex id

Detailed Description

This class holds non-templated code and is intended to be inherited by the templated DrawMeshT class.

Definition at line 91 of file DrawMesh.hh.

Member Function Documentation

GLuint ACG::DrawMeshBase::pickVertexIBO_opt ( )

get an index buffer mapping from openmesh vertices to drawmesh vbo vertices

index buffer object (UNSIGNED_INT), might be 0 if the openmesh object is a point cloud

Definition at line 124 of file DrawMesh.hh.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<char> ACG::DrawMeshBase::vertices_

final vertex buffer used for rendering raw byte array, use write__() functions for access

Definition at line 142 of file DrawMesh.hh.

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