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ACG::SceneGraph::DrawModes::DrawModeInternal Class Reference

Definition of a draw mode. More...

Public Member Functions

 DrawModeInternal (const std::string &_name, const DrawMode &_id, const bool _propertyBased=false)
void name (const std::string &_name)
 Set the name of the DrawMode.
const std::string & name () const
 Get the name of the DrawMode.
const DrawModeid () const
bool propertyBased () const
DrawModePropertiesproperties ()

Private Attributes

std::string name_
 Human Readable Name.
DrawMode id_
 The id of the DrawMode.
bool propertyBased_
 Flag if the DrawMode is property based.
DrawModeProperties properties_
 The properties associated with this DrawMode.

Detailed Description

Definition of a draw mode.

This class is used to collect Information about a DrawMode in one central class. It stores the name and the id of a DrawMode.

If the DrawMode gets switched to a property based one, this class will also store the properties.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACG::SceneGraph::DrawModes::DrawModeInternal::DrawModeInternal ( const std::string &  _name,
const DrawMode _id,
const bool  _propertyBased = false 

Initializing constructor.

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