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FilePicker Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FilePicker:

Public Types

enum  DialogType { DT_OPEN_FILE = OpenFlipper::Options::DT_OPEN, DT_SAVE_FILE = OpenFlipper::Options::DT_SAVE, DT_CHOOSE_PATH = OpenFlipper::Options::DT_CHOOSE_PATH }

Public Slots

bool confirm_overwrite_if_necessary ()

Public Member Functions

 FilePicker (QWidget *parent=0)
 FilePicker (QString recent_files_ini_key, DialogType dialog_type, QWidget *parent=0)
QString current_file_name ()
void set_current_file_name (QString value)
QString currentFileName ()
QString recent_files_ini_key ()
void set_recent_files_ini_key (QString value)
QString dialog_title ()
void set_dialog_title (QString value)
QString file_filter ()
void set_file_filter (QString value)
DialogType dialog_type ()
void set_dialog_type (DialogType value)
bool overwrite_confirmed_by_user ()

Protected Slots

void slot_browse ()
void path_changed ()

Protected Attributes

QComboBox * textBox_
QPushButton * browseButton_
QString recent_files_ini_key_
QString dialog_title_
QString file_filter_
DialogType dialog_type_
bool overwrite_confirmed_by_user_


QString recent_files_ini_key
QString dialog_title
QString file_filter
DialogType dialog_type
QString current_file_name

Private Member Functions

void init ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file FilePicker.hh.

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