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OpenMesh::FinalMeshItemsT< Traits, IsTriMesh > Struct Template Reference

Definition of the mesh entities (items). More...

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Core/Mesh/FinalMeshItemsT.hh>


class  ITraits

Public Types

enum  Attribs { VAttribs = Traits::VertexAttributes, HAttribs = Traits::HalfedgeAttributes, EAttribs = Traits::EdgeAttributes, FAttribs = Traits::FaceAttributes }
typedef Refs::Point Point
typedef Refs::Scalar Scalar
typedef Refs::Normal Normal
typedef Refs::Color Color
typedef Refs::TexCoord1D TexCoord1D
typedef Refs::TexCoord2D TexCoord2D
typedef Refs::TexCoord3D TexCoord3D
typedef Refs::TextureIndex TextureIndex
typedef Traits::template
VertexT< ITraits, Refs > 
typedef Traits::template
HalfedgeT< ITraits, Refs > 
typedef Traits::template EdgeT
< ITraits, Refs > 
typedef Traits::template FaceT
< ITraits, Refs > 

Detailed Description

template<class Traits, bool IsTriMesh>
struct OpenMesh::FinalMeshItemsT< Traits, IsTriMesh >

Definition of the mesh entities (items).

Definition at line 72 of file FinalMeshItemsT.hh.

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