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OpenVolumeMesh::GeometryKernel< VecT, TopologyKernelT > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenVolumeMesh::GeometryKernel< VecT, TopologyKernelT >:
OpenVolumeMesh::TetrahedralGeometryKernel< VecT, TopologyKernelT >

Public Types

typedef VecT PointT
typedef TopologyKernelT KernelT

Public Member Functions

 GeometryKernel ()
 ~GeometryKernel ()
virtual VertexHandle add_vertex ()
 Override of empty add_vertex function.
VertexHandle add_vertex (const VecT &_p)
 Add a geometric point to the mesh.
void set_vertex (const VertexHandle &_vh, const VecT &_p)
 Set the coordinates of point _vh.
const VecT & vertex (const VertexHandle &_vh) const
 Get point _vh's coordinates.
virtual VertexIter delete_vertex (const VertexHandle &_h)
virtual void collect_garbage ()
virtual void swap_vertices (VertexHandle _h1, VertexHandle _h2)
virtual void clear (bool _clearProps=true)
PointT::value_type length (const EdgeHandle &_eh) const
PointT vector (const EdgeHandle &_eh) const
PointT barycenter (const EdgeHandle &_eh) const
PointT barycenter (const FaceHandle &_fh) const
PointT barycenter (const CellHandle &_ch) const
void clone_vertices (std::vector< VecT > &_copy) const
void swap_vertices (std::vector< VecT > &_copy)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void delete_multiple_vertices (const std::vector< bool > &_tag)

Private Attributes

std::vector< VecT > vertices_

Detailed Description

template<class VecT, class TopologyKernelT = TopologyKernel>
class OpenVolumeMesh::GeometryKernel< VecT, TopologyKernelT >

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