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ACG::GLStateContext Struct Reference


struct  GLVertexPointer
struct  TextureStage

Public Attributes

std::bitset< 0xFFFF+1 > glStateEnabled_
GLenum blendFuncState_ [4]
GLenum blendEquationState_
GLclampf blendColorState_ [4]
GLenum alphaFuncState_
GLclampf alphaRefState_
GLenum depthFunc_
GLuint glBufferTargetState_ [4]
GLenum activeTexture_
TextureStage glTextureStage_ [16]
GLenum shadeModel_
GLenum cullFace_
GLclampd depthRange_ [2]
GLVertexPointer vertexPointer_
GLVertexPointer normalPointer_
GLVertexPointer texcoordPointer_
GLVertexPointer colorPointer_
GLenum drawBufferSingle_
GLenum drawBufferState_ [16]
int activeDrawBuffer_
GLuint framebuffers_ [2]
GLuint program_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file GLState.hh.

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