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Gnuplot Class Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/Utils/Gnuplot.hh>

Public Member Functions

void cmd (const char *_cmd,...)
 Send a command to gnuplot (low-level function use by all plot functions.)
bool is_valid (void) const
 Is Self valid?
bool is_active (void) const
 Is Self active, i.e. does it have an active plot?
 Gnuplot ()
 Default constructor.
 Gnuplot (const string &_style)
 Set a style during construction.
 Gnuplot (const string &_title, const string &_style, const string &_xlabel, const string &_ylabel, vector< double > _x, vector< double > _y)
 Constructor calling plot_xy().
 Gnuplot (const string &_title, const string &_style, const string &_xlabel, const string &_ylabel, vector< double > _x)
 Constructor calling plot_x().
Gnuplot settings
void set_style (const string &_style)
 set line style
void set_ylabel (const string &_ylabel)
 set x axis label
void set_xlabel (const string &_xlabel)
 set x axis label
plot functions
void plot_x (vector< double > _x, const string &_title)
 Plot a single vector.
void plot_xy (vector< double > _x, vector< double > _y, const string &_title)
 Plot x,y pairs.
void plot_slope (double _a, double _b, const string &_title)
void plot_equation (const string &_equation, const string &_title)
 Plot an equation supplied as a string.
void reset_plot (void)
 If multiple plots are present it will clear the plot area.

Private Member Functions

bool get_program_path (const string &)
void init ()

Private Attributes

FILE * gnucmd
string pstyle
vector< string > to_delete
int nplots
bool valid

Static Private Attributes

static string gnuplot_executable_ = "gnuplot"

Detailed Description

Utility class interfacing with Gnuplot.

The plot will be visible as long as the object is not destructed.
Rajarshi Guha (C++ API based on the C API by Nicolas Devillard)
See also more information.

Definition at line 92 of file Gnuplot.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void Gnuplot::plot_slope ( double  _a,
double  _b,
const string &  _title 

Plot an equation of the form: y = ax + b You supply a and b

Definition at line 305 of file

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