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OpenVolumeMesh::HalfFaceHandle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenVolumeMesh::HalfFaceHandle:

Public Member Functions

 HalfFaceHandle (int _idx=-1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenVolumeMesh::OpenVolumeMeshHandle
 OpenVolumeMeshHandle (int _idx)
OpenVolumeMeshHandleoperator= (int _idx)
OpenVolumeMeshHandleoperator= (const OpenVolumeMeshHandle &_idx)
bool is_valid () const
bool operator< (const OpenVolumeMeshHandle &_idx) const
bool operator< (int _idx) const
bool operator> (const OpenVolumeMeshHandle &_idx) const
bool operator> (int _idx) const
bool operator== (const OpenVolumeMeshHandle &_h) const
bool operator!= (const OpenVolumeMeshHandle &_h) const
const int & idx () const
void idx (const int &_idx)
 operator int () const
void reset ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 103 of file OpenVolumeMeshHandle.hh.

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