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Highlighter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Highlighter:


struct  HighlightingRule

Public Member Functions

 Highlighter (QTextDocument *parent=0)
 Highlighter (QTextEdit *parent)
void update ()
 Updates the highlighter with the current rule set defined in the patterns.

Public Attributes

QStringList keywordPatterns_
QStringList pluginPatterns_
QStringList functionPatterns_
QStringList typePatterns_

Protected Member Functions

void highlightBlock (const QString &text)

Private Member Functions

void init ()
 common initializer function called by the constructors

Private Attributes

QVector< HighlightingRulehighlightingRules_
QRegExp commentStartExpression_
QRegExp commentEndExpression_
QTextCharFormat keywordFormat_
QTextCharFormat pluginFormat_
QTextCharFormat functionFormat_
QTextCharFormat typeFormat_
QTextCharFormat singleLineCommentFormat_
QTextCharFormat multiLineCommentFormat_
QTextCharFormat quotationFormat_
QTextCharFormat listFormat_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file highLighter.hh.

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