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Histogram Class Reference

Histogram plot. More...

#include <ACG/QwtWidgets/QwtHistogramm.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Histogram:

Public Types

enum  HistogramAttribute { Auto = 0, Xfy = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 Histogram (const QString &title=QString::null)
 Histogram (const QwtText &title)
virtual ~Histogram ()
void setData (QwtIntervalSeriesData *data)
 set data to render More...
const QwtIntervalSeriesData * data () const
void setColors (std::vector< QColor > &_colors)
 Set colors. More...
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const
 Function hat will return the datas bounding rectangle (for rendering)
virtual int rtti () const
virtual void draw (QPainter *, const QwtScaleMap &xMap, const QwtScaleMap &yMap, const QRectF &) const
 The actual draw function, drawing the bars inside the plot widget.
void setBaseline (double reference)
double baseline () const
void setHistogramAttribute (HistogramAttribute, bool on=true)
bool testHistogramAttribute (HistogramAttribute) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawBar (QPainter *, Qt::Orientation o, const QRect &) const
 Draws a single bar.

Private Member Functions

QColor color (uint i) const
void init ()

Private Attributes

PrivateData * d_data

Detailed Description

Histogram plot.

This plot can be used to render a plot. It provides the plot management and drawing functions for histograms. The data is supplied as QwtIntervalData via HistogramItem::setData(). Additionally you can set colors for each bar, which are provided via HistogramItem::setColors()

Definition at line 69 of file QwtHistogramm.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void Histogram::setColors ( std::vector< QColor > &  _colors)

Set colors.

_colorsA vector of colors. One for each interval in the same order.
void Histogram::setData ( QwtIntervalSeriesData *  data)

set data to render

datadata provided as QwtIntervalData

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