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HoleInfo< MeshT > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for HoleInfo< MeshT >:

Public Types

typedef std::vector< typename
MeshT::EdgeHandle > 

Public Member Functions

 HoleInfo (MeshT *_mesh)
 ~HoleInfo ()
void getHoles ()
 get all holes and store them internally
void fillHole (int _index, int _stages=3)
 fill hole with given index
void fillHole (typename MeshT::EdgeHandle _eh, int _stages=3)
 fill hole with given edgeHandle on the boundary
void fillAllHoles (int _stages=3)
 fill all holes of the mesh
void selectHole (int _index)
 select a hole with given index
std::vector< std::vector
< typename MeshT::EdgeHandle > > * 
holes ()
 get the holes vector
- Public Member Functions inherited from PerObjectData
 PerObjectData ()
 You have to provide your own constructor for your object.
virtual PerObjectDatacopyPerObjectData ()
 Copy Function. More...

Private Attributes

MeshT * mesh_
std::vector< Hole > holes_
HoleFiller< MeshT > * filler_

Detailed Description

template<class MeshT>
class HoleInfo< MeshT >

Definition at line 60 of file HoleInfoT.hh.

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