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IsotropicRemesher< MeshT > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 IsotropicRemesher (ProgressEmitter *_prgEmt=NULL)
void remesh (MeshT &_mesh, const double _targetEdgeLength)
 do the remeshing

Private Member Functions

void splitLongEdges (MeshT &_mesh, const double _maxEdgeLength)
 performs edge splits until all edges are shorter than the threshold
void collapseShortEdges (MeshT &_mesh, const double _minEdgeLength, const double _maxEdgeLength)
 collapse edges shorter than minEdgeLength if collapsing doesn't result in new edge longer than maxEdgeLength
void equalizeValences (MeshT &_mesh)
int targetValence (MeshT &_mesh, const typename MeshT::VertexHandle &_vh)
 returns 4 for boundary vertices and 6 otherwise
void tangentialRelaxation (MeshT &_mesh)
template<class SpatialSearchT >
MeshT::Point findNearestPoint (const MeshT &_mesh, const typename MeshT::Point &_point, typename MeshT::FaceHandle &_fh, SpatialSearchT *_ssearch, double *_dbest)
OpenMeshTriangleBSPT< MeshT > * getTriangleBSP (MeshT &_mesh)
template<class SpatialSearchT >
void projectToSurface (MeshT &_mesh, MeshT &_original, SpatialSearchT *_ssearch)
bool isBoundary (MeshT &_mesh, const typename MeshT::VertexHandle &_vh)
bool isFeature (MeshT &_mesh, const typename MeshT::VertexHandle &_vh)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

template<class MeshT>
class IsotropicRemesher< MeshT >

Definition at line 56 of file IsotropicRemesherT.hh.

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