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LightWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for LightWidget:

Public Member Functions

 LightWidget (ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode *_node, QWidget *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *event)
 Initialize contents of widget before showing it.

Private Slots

void directionalToggled ()
 The directional checkbox changed -> update object.
void fixedPositionChanged ()
 The fixed position checkbox.
void ambientChanged ()
 Color values have changed.
void diffuseChanged ()
void specularChanged ()
void brightnessChanged (int _newValue)
 Brightness value has changed.
void radiusChanged ()
 Light radius has changed.
void spotChanged ()
 Spot direction changed.

Private Member Functions

bool getObject ()
 Initializes the internal object. Returns true if successfull.
void updated ()
 Called when the object has been updated.

Private Attributes

bool updatingWidgets_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file LightWidget.hh.

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