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LoadFromPluginThread Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for LoadFromPluginThread:


struct  LoadInfos

Public Slots

void loadFromPlugin ()
- Public Slots inherited from OpenFlipperThread
void slotCancel (QString _jobId)
 Cancel this job. More...
void startProcessing ()
 start processing More...


void updateView ()
- Signals inherited from OpenFlipperThread
void startProcessingInternal ()
 start processing of a function More...
void state (QString _jobId, int _state)
 Tell core about job state. More...
void function (const QString _jobId="")
 job function More...
void finished (QString _jobId)
 job done More...

Public Member Functions

 LoadFromPluginThread (const QVector< LoadInfos > &_loadInfos, const QString &_jobName)
int getObjId (int index) const
const QString & getFilename (int index) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenFlipperThread
 OpenFlipperThread (QString _jobId)
void run ()
 Main processing. More...
virtual void cancel ()
 Cancel the job. More...
QString jobId ()
 get JobId get the Id of the current Job

Private Attributes

const QVector< LoadInfos > & infos_
QVector< int > loadedIds_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file OpenFunctionThread.hh.

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