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OpenMesh::LoopSchemeMaskT< T_, cache_size_ > Class Template Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Core/Geometry/LoopSchemeMaskT.hh>

Public Types

enum  { cache_size = cache_size_ }
typedef T_ Scalar

Public Member Functions

Scalar proj_weight (uint _valence) const
Scalar limit_weight (uint _valence) const
Scalar step_weight (uint _valence, uint _step) const
Scalar tang0_weight (uint _valence, uint _ver_id) const
Scalar tang1_weight (uint _valence, uint _ver_id) const
void dump (uint _max_valency=cache_size-1) const

Protected Member Functions

void cache_weights ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static Scalar compute_proj_weight (uint _valence)
static Scalar compute_limit_weight (uint _valence)
static Scalar compute_step_weight (uint _valence)
static Scalar compute_tang0_weight (uint _valence, uint _ver_id)
static Scalar compute_tang1_weight (uint _valence, uint _ver_id)

Protected Attributes

Scalar proj_weights_ [cache_size]
Scalar limit_weights_ [cache_size]
Scalar step_weights_ [cache_size]
std::vector< Scalar > tang0_weights_ [cache_size]
std::vector< Scalar > tang1_weights_ [cache_size]

Detailed Description

template<class T_, unsigned int cache_size_ = 100>
class OpenMesh::LoopSchemeMaskT< T_, cache_size_ >

implements cache for the weights of the original Loop scheme supported:

  • vertex projection rule on the next level
  • vertex projection rule on the limit surface
  • vertex projection rule on the k-th (level) step (Barthe, Kobbelt'2003)
  • vertex tangents on the limit surface

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