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OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT< MeshT > Class Template Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/Decimater/ModProgMeshT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT< MeshT >:
OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >


struct  Info

Public Types

typedef std::vector< InfoInfoList
 Type of the list storing the progressive mesh info Info.
- Public Types inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
typedef MeshT Mesh
typedef CollapseInfoT< MeshT > CollapseInfo

Public Member Functions

 DECIMATING_MODULE (ModProgMeshT, MeshT, ProgMesh)
 ModProgMeshT (MeshT &_mesh)
 ~ModProgMeshT ()
const InfoListpmi () const
void postprocess_collapse (const CollapseInfo &_ci)
bool is_binary (void) const
bool write (const std::string &_ofname)
const InfoListinfolist () const
 Reference to collected information.
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
virtual ~ModBaseT ()
 Virtual desctructor.
 Set module's name (using DECIMATER_MODNAME macro)
bool is_binary (void) const
 Returns true if criteria returns a binary value.
void set_binary (bool _b)
 Set whether module is binary or not.
virtual void initialize ()
 Initialize module-internal stuff.
virtual float collapse_priority (const CollapseInfoT< MeshT > &)
virtual void preprocess_collapse (const CollapseInfoT< MeshT > &)
virtual void set_error_tolerance_factor (double _factor)

Private Member Functions

void set_binary (bool _b)

Private Attributes

InfoList pmi_
VPropHandleT< size_t > idx_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
 ModBaseT (MeshT &_mesh, bool _is_binary)
MeshT & mesh ()
 Access the mesh associated with the decimater.
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
double error_tolerance_factor_

Detailed Description

template<class MeshT>
class OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT< MeshT >

Collect progressive mesh information while decimating.

The progressive mesh data is stored in an internal structure, which can be evaluated after the decimation process and (!) before calling the garbage collection of the decimated mesh.

Definition at line 85 of file ModProgMeshT.hh.

Member Function Documentation

template<class MeshT>
void OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT< MeshT >::postprocess_collapse ( const CollapseInfo _ci)

Stores collapse information in a queue.

See also

Reimplemented from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >.

Definition at line 138 of file ModProgMeshT.hh.

template<class MeshT >
bool OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT< MeshT >::write ( const std::string &  _ofname)

Write progressive mesh data to a file in proprietary binary format .pm.

The methods uses the collected data to write a progressive mesh file. It's a binary format with little endian byte ordering:

  • The first 8 bytes contain the word "ProgMesh".
  • 32-bit int for the number of vertices NV in the base mesh.
  • 32-bit int for the number of faces in the base mesh.
  • 32-bit int for the number of halfedge collapses (now vertex splits)
  • Positions of vertices of the base mesh (32-bit float triplets).
  • Triplets of indices (32-bit int) for each triangle (index in the list of vertices of the base mesh defined by the positions.
  • For each collapse/split a detail information package made of 3 32-bit floats for the positions of vertex v0, and 3 32-bit int indices for v1, vl, and vr. The index for vl or vr might be -1, if the face on this side of the edge does not exists.
Write file before calling the garbage collection of the mesh.
_ofnameName of the file, where to write the progressive mesh
true on success of the operation, else false.

Definition at line 87 of file

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