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OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT< MeshT > Class Template Reference

Use Roundness of triangles to control decimation. More...

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/Decimater/ModRoundnessT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT< MeshT >:
OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >

Public Types

typedef MeshT::Point Point
typedef vector_traits< Point >
- Public Types inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
typedef MeshT Mesh
typedef CollapseInfoT< MeshT > CollapseInfo

Public Member Functions

 DECIMATING_MODULE (ModRoundnessT, MeshT, Roundness)
 ModRoundnessT (MeshT &_dec)
 ~ModRoundnessT ()
float collapse_priority (const CollapseInfo &_ci)
void set_error_tolerance_factor (double _factor)
 set the percentage of minimum roundness
void set_min_angle (float _angle, bool)
void set_min_roundness (value_type _min_roundness, bool _binary=true)
void unset_min_roundness ()
 Unset minimum value constraint and enable non-binary mode.
double roundness (const Vec3f &A, const Vec3f &B, const Vec3f &C)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
virtual ~ModBaseT ()
 Virtual desctructor.
 Set module's name (using DECIMATER_MODNAME macro)
bool is_binary (void) const
 Returns true if criteria returns a binary value.
void set_binary (bool _b)
 Set whether module is binary or not.
virtual void initialize ()
 Initialize module-internal stuff.
virtual void preprocess_collapse (const CollapseInfoT< MeshT > &)
virtual void postprocess_collapse (const CollapseInfoT< MeshT > &)

Private Attributes

value_type min_r_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
 ModBaseT (MeshT &_mesh, bool _is_binary)
MeshT & mesh ()
 Access the mesh associated with the decimater.
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
double error_tolerance_factor_

Detailed Description

template<class MeshT>
class OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT< MeshT >

Use Roundness of triangles to control decimation.

In binary and mode, the collapse is legal if:

  • The roundness after the collapse is greater than the given value

In continuous mode the roundness after the collapse is returned

Definition at line 91 of file ModRoundnessT.hh.

Member Function Documentation

template<class MeshT>
float OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT< MeshT >::collapse_priority ( const CollapseInfo _ci)

Compute collapse priority due to roundness of triangle.

The roundness is computed by dividing the radius of the circumference by the length of the shortest edge. The result is normalized.

[0:1] or ILLEGAL_COLLAPSE in non-binary mode
See also

Reimplemented from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >.

Definition at line 125 of file ModRoundnessT.hh.

template<class MeshT>
void OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT< MeshT >::set_min_roundness ( value_type  _min_roundness,
bool  _binary = true 

Set a minimum roundness value.

_min_roundnessin range (0,1)
_binarySet true, if the binary mode should be enabled, else false. In latter case the collapse_priority() returns a float value if the constraint does not apply and ILLEGAL_COLLAPSE else.

Definition at line 230 of file ModRoundnessT.hh.

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