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OpenMesh::NormalConeT< Scalar > Class Template Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Core/Geometry/NormalConeT.hh>

Public Types

typedef VectorT< Scalar, 3 > Vec3

Public Member Functions

 NormalConeT ()
 default constructor (not initialized)
 NormalConeT (const Vec3 &_center_normal, Scalar _angle=0.0)
 Initialize cone with center (unit vector) and angle (radius in radians)
Scalar max_angle (const Vec3 &) const
 return max. distance (radians) unit vector to cone (distant side)
Scalar max_angle (const NormalConeT &) const
 return max. distance (radians) cone to cone (distant sides)
void merge (const NormalConeT &)
 merge _cone; this instance will then enclose both former cones
const Vec3center_normal () const
 returns center normal
Scalar angle () const
 returns size of cone (radius in radians)

Private Attributes

Vec3 center_normal_
Scalar angle_

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class OpenMesh::NormalConeT< Scalar >

/class NormalCone NormalCone.hh <ACG/Geometry/Types/NormalCone.hh>

NormalCone that can be merged with other normal cones. Provides the center normal and the opening angle.

Definition at line 86 of file NormalConeT.hh.

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