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OpenFlipperJob Class Reference

Internal Job execution object. More...

#include <OpenFlipper/threads/OpenFlipperThread.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenFlipperJob:

Public Slots

void startJobProcessing ()
 slot to start processing More...


void process (const QString _jobId="")
 connection to actual processing function More...
void finished ()
 Job done. More...

Public Member Functions

 OpenFlipperJob (const QString _jobId)
void jobId (const QString &_jobId)
 Set job's id.
QString jobId () const
 Get job's id.

Private Attributes

QString jobId_
 The job's id.

Detailed Description

Internal Job execution object.

This class is used to start a process within a thread. The thread object itself lives in the event queue of the object that created the thread. So every signal or slot within the QThread object will be dispatched in the core event loop and therefore lock the gui. Objects created in the QThread will run in the threads event queue as well as their signals and slots. So QThread uses this object to actually run arbitrary threads inside the threads event queue.

See Process Interface for details.

Definition at line 249 of file OpenFlipperThread.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void OpenFlipperJob::finished ( )

Job done.

This signal is emitted, when the job has finished

void OpenFlipperJob::process ( const QString  _jobId = "")

connection to actual processing function

This signal has to be connected via a Qt::DirectConnection to an arbitrary slot. This slot will be executed in the local event queue. If this object is created in a QThread, than the slot will be run inside this thread.

void OpenFlipperJob::startJobProcessing ( )

slot to start processing

If this slot is called, the slot connected to process() will be executed in the current thread.

Definition at line 131 of file

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